Frequently Asked Questions for Yamaha FZ150i

1. What is the top speed for this motorcycle?
The top Speed for this motorcycle is 130kmph

2. What is the mileage for FZ?
Up to 500km on a tank full with speed 60-90kmph and maintaining the rpm at 5000-6000.

3. What is advisable crusing speed and how is the mileage?
Suggested cruising speed is 110-120kmph and the mileage estimated at 400-420km.

4. Is the maintenance expensive?
The maintainence is affordable.

5. But this motorcycle is using Fuel Injection.
You do not need to service the fuel injection each time you service your motorcycle.

6. How much does the Fuel Injection cost if it's faulty.

7. What expensive!!!
You only changed it if it is broken. Even normal carb wil cost RM200+ or more.

8. My Honda Cbr 150/ Suzuki FXR150/Belang150 is faster than this motorcycle, why?
The Honda Cbr 150 and Suzuki FXR150 is a Super Sport Bike, while Belang150 is a moped bike, all tune for speed, FZ is tuned for fuel efficiency and it's a naked bike..

9. My Yamaha LC 135 is faster than this motorcycle, why?
The LC is lighter and more aerodynamic than the FZ.

10. If FZ is slower than a moped motorcycle, why should i buy it?
Speed is not the main point for FZ, it's built for fuel efficiency with reasonable speed.

11. My moped bike is also fuel efficient!
It may be so, but you need to fill it often if you are travelling long distance.

12. Is there any modofication to improve the performance?
Yes there are few refer to for more info.

13. The FZ look like old and ugly.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

14. Is there any assessories available?
Yes there are few refer to for more info.

15. Is there any group for this motorcycle?
Refer to for more info.

16. What are the differences between the FZ around the world?
India FZ, naked version and fairing version. Both have 6th gear
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philipine, naked and have 5 gear

17. Will variant of FZ India be available in Malaysia?
Same question asked to Yamaha Malaysia, no comments.

18. How do you know all this info?
I am a proud owner of black FZ and I join the forum.

19. Huh my bike can cruise at 110-120kmph!!
Good for you, maybe we can test your milleage at that speed.

20. Are you planning to change your bike?
Yes when the time is right. But I will not letgo of my FZ.

Comments 63 comments

umero 7 years ago

will the fz150 india version gonna be out in malaysian market?

kaiwoon 7 years ago

What is your suggestion about this bike,are you having one?

lok guy 7 years ago

my 110 bike is almost the same speed with fz,i'm struggling buying it

Any suggestion?

poi 7 years ago

Are Fxr150 is better than Fzi150..

can you explain..

angah ilo 7 years ago

lok guy ;

fz ; speed 120 sama dgn 150 lebih speed lc. saya punya leh gi 150 kmj. cuba kira meter lc berapa.

sepanjang saya pakai belum lagi motor lc, lagenda dan seumpanya yna masih stendet dapat kejar dan tapau fz.

sul 6 years ago

Pengalaman saya konvoi gi Thailand tahun ini (3 trips) :

Kelajuan fz150i lebih kurang 115 km/h max (guna garmin nuvo)

lc135 slower (meter ringan kut)

belang = fz150i

cbr150 faster

fxr150 faster

Fakarul Radzi 6 years ago

Aku suka post nih~ menjelaskan keadaan sebenar FZ~ sape2 xpaham tolong la bace~

-Proud owner of FZ150i... :D

Lc_moped 6 years ago

fz pickup best tapi top xde mcm lc pickup kurang dari fz tapi top mmg ada.

da byk fz aku titik lau dekat mmg korang king main lebih 2 kilo mmg aku kejar blik.

bkn2392 6 years ago

@lc moped,

ko blom jumpa fz yang sebenar.

angah ilo 6 years ago

baru ni aku rempit sam 3 biji lc di lebuhraya . aku lari lam 130 - 140kmj, lc nye dah 160 - 170 kmj siap tunduk. aku rilekje. meter lc memang ringan. itupun rasanya dan modi dah tu

angah ilo 6 years ago

aku guna tayar 110 belakang. sproket 15/40.lebuh rayta leh dapat 140 - 150kmj.

ncg4978 6 years ago

aku rasa meter fz150i sama dgn meter kereta,sebab aku selalu main line 3 kat highway sama dgn kereta 130-140

ssy 6 years ago

i drive fz150i standard at 130km/h but LC able to overtake my ride i think it speed just 135-140km/h... slowly overtake but when i see properly that lc i relise the spoket was small compare to std.... maybe some of you are right the LC meter was light... i think we should check the top speed using gps... cannot trust speedometer 100%

moto ku 6 years ago

baru2 ni fz150i aku dah guna cylinder block LC135 (62mm racing punya) mak datuk pic up gila beb...tapi aku belum test full trottle.aku dah cuba 1/2 trottle dah naik 140km.skrg nak tunggu running 1000km dahulu baru blh full trottle.

angah 6 years ago

aku nk beli fz InsyaAllah taun dpan

patutkah aku wahai ahli forum skalian?

fuadJMK 6 years ago

aduuh aku tak dapat nak register ah broo

asal ha?

paley 6 years ago

ko xdapat nk register ape?

fuadJMK 6 years ago

aku xdapat nak register nikah ni.

xse7en 6 years ago

kah kah LC_MOPED...kalo main jauh fz kena titik?try main 100 kilo tgk sape yang kena titik dulu...kah kah kah

xse7en 6 years ago

kah kah LC_MOPED...kalo main jauh fz kena titik?try main 100 kilo tgk sape yang kena titik dulu...kah kah kah

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