Ford motor company was founded by prominent American Industrialist Henry Ford who was one of the richest and well known people in the world. The company was incorporated in June 16, 1903 with $28, 000 capital. Henry Ford built his first car which was known as Ford Quadracycle in 1986 before the Ford Motor Company was formed. Henry Ford revolutionised transportation and the American industry by introducing the model T and with idea of assembly line. Hendry Ford astonished the world by offering his workers a very generous wage package of $5 a day which doubled the rate of other manufacturers at that time.

Ford model T

In 1908 Henry Ford introduced his model T which was reasonably priced, reliable and efficient. The model T initiated a new era in personal transportation, it was easy to operate, maintain and handle on the road immediately becoming a huge success. The first model T was produced in Highland Park assembly plant which was Ford’s first production plant. After 19 years of production, Henry Ford built over 15 million model Ts and they were by far the most popular vehicle on the road. To start of model T you had to hand crank it because the engine wasn’t very big and it was low compression all it would take is half a turn and it will fire up. During the model T city were just developing and most of the roads were terrible especially the country road so the model T had to be built in such a way where it can handle anything all the way from no road to city road and it actually did a very good job of that. Most of the country roads were no road or mud road and in the city the road had snow and ice on so the model T had to handle all most any road condition you can imagine.

In 1913 Henry introduced his assembly line which manufactured car every 98 minutes. The introduction of moving assembly line revolutionised automobile production by significantly reducing assembly time and lowering production costs. Ford production of model T made the company the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. When model T was first introduced, it sold for $950 which doesn’t sound much to us today but back then it was quiet a lot of money.

Ford model A

Ford production of model A went for 19 years from 1908 to 1928 and the last ones that were built were not much different from the first that were originally produced.  They had wooden spoked wheel with metal rims pressed into them and the spokes were hand painted in different colour paint.  The engine of the model A was very simple by today’s standard and light, 177 cubic inch which is 2.9 litre which produced 20 horse power.  The vehicle weighed about 1200 pounds depending on which body style you got and would be good for about 40 to 45 miles and hour top speed.  It had 2 forward gears.  Over the years enormous numbers of body styles were created including, sedan, coupe, phaeton, roadster, cabriolet, convertible sedan and pickup.

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Andrew 4 years ago

theres some pretty mean cars bro

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Good list of Ford models. Which ford car model have a good gas mileage?

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