Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


When Ferrari launched the F12 Berlinetta last year, it was powerful enough to tow an aircraft carrier across the Nullarbor.....without putting it on the trailer first.

So naturally, revheads assumed the italians had wrung every possible kilowatt out of its 6.3 litre v12 engine. They were wrong.

German tuning house Wheelsandmore has taken the F12's output from 551kW's to a mind blowing 585kW by installing a handmade exhaust system that lets the engine breathe a lot more freely. And at the push of a button, the driver can switch it between two modes: the calmer, dropping the kids at school version, or the balls out setting that lets you set a new land speed record on the Hume Highway.

The ride pipers also took the Fezza's stock wheels, threw them in the bin (or sold them for drugs) and fitted 22 and 21 inch rims on the back and front respectively. Only matter of time before Kanye orders one.....

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