How To Find Used Cars For Sale By Owner

Whether you need to post your own used car for sale, or are looking for other car owners posting theirs, this is the way to do it.

Step 1:

The easiest way to solve most problems these days seems to be a Google search. Search for the kind of car your selling, and the words "message board" or "posts". Sometimes there are specific websites devoted to dealing with certain kinds of used cars, and those are usually fine to use.

Step 2:

Another excellent option is the use of the auction site eBay.  EBay allows it's users to auction off their items to any other user.  Even cars can be bought and sold on it, although shipping is sometimes a little complex.

Step 3:

When buying a used car, no matter where you buy it from, make sure that you get a carfax vehicle history report.  Carfax is a necessity these days to ensu that you're not getting ripped off for that used car.

Step 4

If you want to communicate with other used car sellers, there are many message boards out there about the topic.  Once again, use the power of the Google search to get what you need.

Final Tips:

*  When buying on eBay, only buy from people with proven records
*  Be flexible.  You might not find exactly what you need, but if you're flexible, you can get a fantastic deal.

*  CAUTION: Don't give out your credit card to any company you're not 100% with.  EBay is certainly a trusted site, but many others are not.

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