Ford Mustang Boss 302

And to think this was the hot car of the year, back in the day.
And to think this was the hot car of the year, back in the day.

Christmas was quite uneventful this year. I love being with family and particularly visiting with those who have traveled to visit.

One particular character is my brother in law Mike. He is quiet, usually sits off to one side and just takes in a bit of everyone’s conversation while reading a car magazine.

Mike is what I would call a “Car Buff” meaning he is always reading about cars and is interested in the competitive aspect of car design.

I thought I might get a moment of peace and quiet walking over to chat with Mike and noticed his newest intrigue was a certain Ford Mustang BOSS 302 with a speed transmission.

I asked mike what was special about this car and he explained that this car was built not only for the road but for the track. Race track? Wow…It has 444 Horsepower, adjustable suspension rear and back and a special paint job like no other Mustang.

Two different size tires are on this car so you can get more rubber on the back for more power.

Also very few options come with this car. Mike said that’s good otherwise you load a car up with a lot of junk you really don’t need. This car is all about power……..

Mike has been retired from the steel mills for quite some time and was completely infatuated with this Ford.

I remember when I was younger Mike drove a 69 Ford Mustang Mach I and my sister would drive off with Mike loving every minute of it so Mike really has had his eye on mustangs for quite awhile.

Still, I needed to know why now at 65 yrs old he was interested in this car. Mike said he discussed buying this car with my sister and she said “yes’. I can hardly see my sister agreeing to that but maybe she figures he really wouldn’t do it because he is rather tight with the cash. Hmmmmm……..My sister is looking for a new home, could Mike be falling into the age old trap of “you bought the car…I buy the home?”

Mike said that this Boss Mustang is only going to be made for two years 2011 and 2012 and can be quite pricey $41,000

Another car will be coming out, the Laguna Sega and that will be a lot like the Boss…again Power! But at $48,000

What about insurance, I asked Mike. He said you can’t even quote it yet because the car is not out yet but it probably would mirror the Shelby 500.

I guess I will just have to see how this story pans out. If I see Mike pulling up with this Boss Mustang I will laugh my a$$ off…………

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resspenser profile image

resspenser 5 years ago from South Carolina

No, you won't laugh. Hope he gets it!

smarty2pop profile image

smarty2pop 5 years ago Author

I'm sure he will, shoot after looking at it I may beat him to the punch. Can chicks drive this bad boy? I hope so. :)

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