Forklift Attachments

Since its inception, the forklift truck has been the key to any number of heavy-duty jobs.  These tasks require different tools to manipulate correctly, and many forklift attachments have been added along the way.

Roll, Clamp, & Barrel Attachments

Some forklift attachments function by way of grabbing or clamping cargo.  Awkward shipments can be handled safely and with an assortment of forklift parts.

A slip-sheet attachment reaches forward and clamps the base of a load, pulling it onto the lift.  The load is then transported and removed from the lift with a sliding hydraulic press.  This piece of equipment works best with tall objects or freight stacks.  One modification to this method is the layer picker, which makes stacking and moving large quantities of goods possible.  Specific numbers of layers can be selected, moved, and combined to fill individual distribution orders.  When moving large amounts of unbalanced materials, a load stabilizer may be needed.  Wood, metals, and other products are clamped and held in place from the top.  Various other clamp attachments use hydraulic tines to take hold of and move barrels, paper rolls, cartons, and stacks of smaller or heavier items to a desired location.  A drum handler is an attachment that slips over the fork tines of the lift and moves a drum or barrel by clamping the upper lip near the edge.  The clamp attachment may have a rotator feature in some cases.

Hydraulic Attachments Used for Positioning

The sort of work being done will dictate which attachments are suitable for the task at hand.  Positioning tools use forklift forks or “tines” to get the job done.

Poorly stacked skids or pallets can be adjusted with a forklift rotator, and a side-shifter mechanism is a useful tool in tight spaces where repositioning the lift would be difficult.  The side-shifter enables the user to slide the load to the left or right before setting it down.  Another useful feature like the fork positioner automatically spaces the forklift tines to the appropriate distance needed; both the side-shifter and fork positioner are used exclusively for pallets or large boxes.  Greater height and reach may be necessary in any number of instances.  A telescopic fork consists of a boom arm affixed to the forklift, and it is the ideal attachment, not only for the mining and construction industries, but also for many warehouse facilities.  These vehicles allow much heavier workloads than the typical forklift, and can function on all terrain and in most weather conditions.  A man basket is a railed platform utilized for labors or repairs.  It is slid onto the tines of the forklift and raised to the desired height, and the telescopic fork feature augments its use.

Other Attachments & Devices

During any loading and movement of product, weights and measurements must be accounted for in order to move the merchandise along.
Forklift mounted scales permit the user to weigh each load as it is picked up.  The advantage to this is that the load does not need to be set upon a cargo scale, and the worker can proceed uninterrupted.

A similar machine called a dimensioning device calculates the dimensions of the load in tow in order to maximize space in semi-trailer shipping.


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