Engine- Functions Of Important Parts In Internal Combustion Engine.

Internal combustion engines are made from various parts.Each part has its own location and function for proper working of engine.Some important parts and its function is as described below. It is most essential to know right information from engineering person.

01) Cylinder Block

Function- In the bore of cylinder the fresh charge of air-fuel mixture is ignited,compressed by piston and expanded to give power to piston.

02) Cylinder Head

Function-It carries inlet and exhaust valve.Fresh charge is admitted through inlet valve and burnt gases are exhausted from exhaust valve.In case of petrol engine,a spark plug and in case of diesel engine,an injector is also mounted on cylinder head.

03) Piston

Function-During suction stroke,it sucks the fresh charge of air-fuel mixture through inlet valve and compresses during the compression stroke inside the cylinder.This way piston receives power from the expanding gases after ignition in cylinder.Also forces the burnt exhaust gases out of the cylinder through exhaust valve.

04) Piston Rings

Function-It prevents the compressed charge of fuel-air mixture from leaking to the other side of the piston.Oil rings,is used for removing lubricating oil from the cylinder after lubrication.This ring prevents the excess oil to mix with charge.

05) Connecting Rod

Function-It changes the reciprocating motion of piston into rotary motion at crankshaft.This way connecting rod transmits the power produced at piston to crankshaft.

06) Gudgeon Pin

Function-Connects the piston with small end of connecting rod.

07) Crank Pin

Function-hand over the power and motion to the crankshaft which come from piston through connecting rod.

08) Crank Shaft

Function-Receives oscillating motion from connecting rod and gives a rotary motion to the main shaft.It also drives the camshaft which actuate the valves of the engine.

09) Cam Shaft

Function-It takes driving force from crankshaft through gear train or chain and operates the inlet valve as well as exhaust valve with the help of cam followers,push rod and rocker arms.

10) Inlet Valve & Exhaust Valve

Function-Inlet valve allow the fresh charge of air-fuel mixture to enter the cylinder bore.Exhaust valve permits the burnt gases to escape from the cylinder bore at proper timing.

11) Governor

Function-It controls the speed of engine at a different load by regulating fuel supply in diesel engine.In petrol engine,supplying the mixture of air-petrol and controlling the speed at various load condition.

12) Carburettor

Function-It converts petrol in fine spray and mixes with air in proper ratio as per requirement of the engine.

13) Fuel Pump

Function-This device supply the petrol to the carburettor sucking from the fuel tank.

14) Spark Plug

Function-This device is used in petrol engine only and ignite the charge of fuel for combustion.

15) Fuel Injector

Function-This device is used in diesel engine only and delivers fuel in fine spray under pressure.

I hope,above information will help you something about your vehicle's engine.

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Hey im doing a social studies project for college.... do you know why the internal combustion engine is important??? please answer quickly

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pitogo ronald richie A. 6 years ago

the internal combustion is important because this is the one of the most important parts of an engine because it is use to the expansion of the high temperature and pressure gasses, which are produced by combustion dirrect applies force to component of the engine such as piston or turbize bladders or a nozzles

diesel engine parts 6 years ago

Excellent definitions above. For additional diesel engine parts go to http://www.partznetwork.com

abdul alli  6 years ago

thanks a lot from the note i really like it but some parts are missing in this like bearing and sidecovers breather and cb point

fortunato 6 years ago

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prasannasutrave 6 years ago from mumbai( india ) Author

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someone tel me if why we need fuel to make the engine in our car moved? while we know that it cause of danger like pollution.

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thanks.let me know about the fuction of crankshaft gear.

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What is the most important part of an internal combustion engine?

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im a college student of MSU-TCTO and i want to know what and why engineering is important. and what are the possible factors can urge me in that kind of course.

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I realy appriciate to know more of piston rings

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are carburetors still being used today? don't most cars nowadays benefit from fuel injection? im not sure but i thought it was more economical aswell. tell me if im wrong

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Yousa Khan 2 years ago

Heyy i am mechanical Engineer. There's a question of Someone that how crankshaft Work?

Ans: Crank shaft receives oscillating motion from conecting rod & gives a rotating motion to the main shaft. It also drives the cam shaft which actuate the valves of the Engine.

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Sanjib Dey 2 years ago

a tata ACE-Ht vehicle complain are

1.Bblack smoke

2.Exess mobil consumption

3.Low pick-Up

please advise, what step should I do to resolve the complain.How can I repaire the same.

Sanjib Dey 2 years ago

a tata ACE-Ht vehicle complain are

1.Bblack smoke

2.Exess mobil consumption

3.Low pick-Up

please advise, what step should I do to resolve the complain.How can I repaire the same.

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