Gas Prices! Are You Kidding Me?

When the battery in my cordless phone keels over, totally stops re-charging, I go out and buy a whole new cordless phone for my home. The reason for this is, that the price of a new battery is generally more, on it's own, than the price of a cordless telephone. Amazing! So, here before long, when my car runs out of gas, I will go to a dealership, have them fill the tank, and buy a brand new car! It might be a better deal.

Today my wife told me the current price for low octane fuel. This is not a good thing by any means. I live in a city where most everyone drives or uses some sort of motor vehicle to get around. I figured with the population of my town, say 80% are drivers, and that 80% spend $20.00 a week on gas. This leaves the gas station with, somewhere in the $250,00 range. Now you know, and I know that we spend more than that on gas per week. I drive a 4x4 and it does take some stew to fill it up. My fault, I get it. Who are these people whom I pay my hard earned money to?

When a person comes from a humble background and then one fine day chances upon a wealthy life they need not forget that humble beginning. These wealthy individuals respect a hard working, honest person who pays their bills on time and goes without the finer things in life just to get their kids into school. Sometimes they do forget, and then become like someone who was born in to money. Being born into a rich life limits a persons ability to see what it takes to, "make ends meet."

Recently I have discovered that the C.E.O. of the company that I work for is a money hungry thief. This individual did start from those humble beginnings that I mentioned earlier and built an empire. But, he stepped on a lot of toes and broke a few laws to get there. Now he sits back, in his comfy chair, and collects royalties from some 30,000 franchises who pay ridiculous amounts in said royalty fees, just to use the brand name. And the owners of my particular franchise have had to get second jobs just to get by!

What happened to the American dream? What happened to 2.5 children, a modest mortgage, and that proverbial white picket fence? The pickets got pulled out of the yard to staple a sign to them that protests the gas prices. The American dream cannot be reached by the average American anymore. The American dream is dead! It is being spent to fill a gas tank for a job that you drive 50 miles to get to everyday, and make enough to feed your family and do it all over again. Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful for what I do have. Still the crooked politicians that make the decisions for the people make cash hand over fist, while the teachers who educate the children of tomorrow make less and less as budget cuts are inforced because the home owners vote down the tax hike because the politicians' minimum wage goes up. What? The payoffs from the oil companies aren't enough?

Something has to give. Someone said today that if everyone didn't buy gas for one day, it would be the end of this economic tragedy. That if everyone of us didn't buy the blood that makes it all go round for 24 hours it would hurt them enough to say, "hey, we've had it." I wonder, is this possible? Is this something that we can do? Would this work? Can we pull together like we did for our independence from the British? Give us our independence! Give us back our freedom! Give us back our white picket fences and the chance to get ahead! I am tired of trying to keep up with the Jones'. So I say, let's try it. Take the matter into our hands and hold out for one day. This 4th of July, rock the boat with me and do not buy gas. Don't even go into a gas station. If you see someone going to a gas station, stop them. Plead with them not to give in for one day. Let's see what happens.

Maybe this Blog will take off and be read by millions of people, maybe not. Maybe I am crazy and it won't do a damn thing. But I will not stand by and let my family go to the wolves while some stuffed shirt beraucrat rakes in the Benjis, all because he was paid off by some oil refinery for for allowing them to dump waste in the Pacific. (sorry baby seal) We have a lot more problems than the fuel crisis, I know, but we need to start somewhere. We need to start sometime. America, stand together. America, be strong.


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