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Geo Metro

The Geo Metro is a blast from the recent past. It was sold in many varieties, including a 2-door convertible! Some came with amenities (LSi), and some were intentionally built without the normal accoutrements (XFi), but fantastic gas mileage (around 50 MPG or more). When I say without the normal accoutrements, I mean no air conditioner or automatic transmission kind of accoutrements (air conditioning being a necessity to me in the Southern states). In general, the Geo Metro got around 40-50 MPG, and this was back in the 90's when times were good as far as gas prices were concerned!

There's a link to the governement's Geo Metro gas mileage ratings here:

You don't need to go out and buy (at a premium) an environmental disaster like the Prius to get great gas mileage. Used Geo Metros are just the thing if you're out to save the environment (or your wallet). Since they no longer build them, you'll have to buy a used one, which is a huge plus for the environment. They're great on gas mileage, even better than the Smart Cars you see in car dealer's lots right now. However, you may want to consider the safety factor, as Smart Cars rank pretty high. Smart Cars rank high because they sacrifice gas mileage for safety cages. The Geo has none of that, but they were one of the first cars in America to offer dual air bags!

Expect these cars to be in demand in your local Craig's List and on eBay. If you own one, you may get some great trade-in values for it right now!

Ned Flanders from The Simpsons was known to have owned one.

Here's where I got some of my information (Wikipedia).


Geo Metro
Geo Metro
Geo Metro Convertible
Geo Metro Convertible

My Experience

I was priviledged to drive one of these as a rental car when my truck got some damage, and it was quite the experience. If I'd had gone from a Fiat or a VW Bug, it might have been much less traumatic (I know, I'm spoiled in my big American, er, Japanese, but made in America, truck)! I felt like I was right on the road, and if I pressed the floor boards too hard, my feet would have touched the pavement. Looking up at other trucks (and cars even) gave me a different perspective on life.

I drove it around town and to and from work for at least 3 days, and didn't have to refill it before returning it to the rental car agency, because it was still on the "Full" mark.

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Chef Jeff profile image

Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

I never owned a Geo Metro, but I do remember Ned Flanders had one on The Simpsons!

dlarson profile image

dlarson 8 years ago from Priest River, ID

I own a VW Rabbit but I've been watching Craigslist for a Geo Convertible to replace my Cabriolet. All I find on Portlands Craigslist is one Metro that occassionally comes up for $6500 (ouch!) and a LOT of "Wanted Geo Metro" adds. If you have one here and you're not greedy, it will sell in a matter of hours.

jimcrowthers profile image

jimcrowthers 8 years ago from Port Charlotte Author

I love the Simpsons, even though it's been on forever and they've "done" almost everything there is to do to get a laugh.

Thanks for the comment, Chef Jeff!

LOL! Can you believe someone paying $6,500 for a beat up, used, and abused Geo Metro? (I'm assuming, since it's probably old, that it's not in good shape). I would have hesitated to pay that much for one brand new! (Although, my opinion has changed a bit for the great gas mileage it gets). I bet you I can barely get that much for my truck, and it's roomy, not that old, not too many miles, has great airconditioning, is in great shape, and can "haul things"!

Thanks for the comment, dlarson!

vitaeb profile image

vitaeb 8 years ago from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

My wife and I both own Geo Metros and we both get around 50 miles to the gallon even though hers is a three cylinder [a '91] and mine [a '96] is four cylinder engine. We love them. Never any mechanical problems, just regular maintenance, including changing the timing belt every 90,000 miles.

But now, I have started a project to convert a car [a medium sized one of the '90s with a dead engine] to electric. This will be my car to drive to locally with a range of 100 miles before needing to recharge the batteries, and at a to speed of 60 MPH. The cost factor ought to be a bout $1.00 for every 100 miles. My cost factor with my Geo is about $7.00 every 100 miles. Converting a car to electricity can cost anywhere from $600 to $20,000. I'm using a guide book that shows how to do the job for the lower price.

foogate 7 years ago

my geo metro 1990 only is getting like 30-35 mpg tops what can i do to help it

foogate 7 years ago

my geo metro 1990 only is getting like 30-35 mpg tops what can i do to help it

foogate 7 years ago

i have changed the air filter, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, plugs, plug wires, i only run priemum and plus, i replaced the cap and roter and it still should get better milage

Michael 7 years ago

i have a 92 geo metro lsi and i get around 40-45+ (not for sale) and got it for $500

karen 7 years ago

my sister bought 92 geo metro the guy said it only had 35 thousand miles on it she never owned one how do you tell if that's if that's the correct milleage on it that what it shows but its got no place for a 1 in front of it

Vincente 7 years ago

To Footgate,

What is the mileage of your 1990 geo metro ? if it is to high this may mean that the car is dying and is not running under full cylinder capacity and that the engine is damage and the mixt fuel- air is not properly control by the engine. I suggest to get another one with lower mileage on it.

Everything you did is like giving viagra to a 200 year old man...

Brad 6 years ago

Your egr is clogged Foogate, replace the valve and also have the top in cleaned up since the egr tube is inside. This will help a lot. also have the catalitic converter replaced. And you will be back to 40 to 50 mpg

Linda Heard 6 years ago

I have a 1993 Geo Metro Convertible for sale. It gets 45 to 50 miles per gal around town. It is in very good condition and only needs some minor things done like new rubber around windows. I have it priced at $4,000.00 or OBO. I am located in Mesa, AZ. @ 480-553-1697.

No One Of Consequence 6 years ago

I had a 1991 Geo Metro for about 7 years and just before it died, it still got 44 MPG. I scoff at the mileage that these new electric shaver cars get. Maybe if those tools in DC would just grab some balls and up the requirements to 70-100 MPG we would see some of the real innovations come out. Chevy/Geo would make a fortune if they started building Geo Metro's again. 50+ MPG for under 10k? SOLD!

BestGasSipper 6 years ago

I have owned a 91 metro about 9 mounths. It has been averaging 48 mpg in Los angels traffic. I have kept fill up recoders at

As a comute car in Los Angels, you can not beet it.

Paid $900 for the car, recently needed about $200 worth of repairs and has still paid for itself in gas cost savings.

jimcrowthers profile image

jimcrowthers 6 years ago from Port Charlotte Author

Thank you for the comments!

Pete 6 years ago

Just bought a 1997 Geo Metro LSi at a police auction for the minimum bid of $200.

It runs great, has a great interior, but needs a new paint jobCan`t wait to see what MPG it gets.

pandora 6 years ago

i have a geo metro 1990 with reconditioned engine, and am getting around 45 mpg.

I have to sell her now as i am relocating to england... she has been sitting still for nearly a year, and needs tlc and love.

She is in taos new mexico, and is great as a runaround car.

I would like $720 please. Anyone interested plz call 1 575 770 4969

thank you... and i wish you all many happy moons of economical driving with your geo metros!! I love being close the ground... a bit like a sports car!! and you can fit so much inside too! brilliant little car!

pandora 6 years ago

PS... how does one buy at police auctions??

nick 5 years ago

i bought my 91 geo metro for $150 whata steal

ed 5 years ago

I had a geo metro for 14yrs. never had a problem and always started up. I gave it to my daughter to use when she started to drive. she drove it for 2 weeks and totaled it.

jimcrowthers profile image

jimcrowthers 5 years ago from Port Charlotte Author

That's horrible, ed! I hope she was/is okay after that. If she was okay, that's a testimate to its safety.

After owning it for 14 years, it gets totaled in two weeks? Ouch! I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through your head.

I had a similar experience, so I can relate. Not 14 years, though. Wow!

Art 21 months ago

Had a 93 metro XFI (3 cyl standard) from 96 to 2013 wrecked. 45+ mpg highway. now have a 96

Metro only 17-20 mpg in town.(4 cyl auto) Why and how can I fix it.

artspreen@ yahoo. com

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