Get Aftermarket Plastics for Honda ATC Models


Do you own an old three wheeler?  Or maybe even an old ATV?  If so, you may be interested in aftermarket plastic for Honda ATC 3 wheelers or four wheelers to keep your ride looking nice and sharp.  The problem is, finding the parts.  It’s super hard to find these, even for the CR dirt bike models.  If you need a fender, complete assembly, or just about anything else on a unit that’s more than 10 years old, it can be really hard.  But, there are also some alternatives to aftermarket plastic for Honda ATC to keep the body of your Big Red, 250r, or other unit looking nice.  Let’s look at all the details.


This is hard.  Maier manufacturing is the only non-Honda manufacturer of aftermarket plastics for ATC’s.  You can find seat covers, but not body assemblies.  Now, you can find some for all kinds of ATV’s out there, but if you are looking to replace the body on a three wheeler, this is it.  There are no others that I’ve ever been able to find.  As a result, you can expect to pay for the aftermarket plastic for your Honda ATC.   Pricing is not outrageous though.

You can stop by your local shop to order aftermarket plastics for Honda ATC three wheelers and all kinds of ATV models, like the Fourtrax, Rincon, and others.  You’ll pay quite a bit more than you would through many unaffiliated manufacturers, and you’ll have a better selection, too.  For example, you can find odd and unusual colors, not just red, to make the body of your unit look great.

You may be able to make some modifications to other brands and make them fit, but it will probably not be worth the effort.  However, if you can find something super cheap, perhaps off the Chinese quad knock offs, it may be worth a shot.   Still, I wouldn’t place too much faith in this method.


If you are having no luck with aftermarket plastics for Honda ATC and four wheeler units, you may want to consider buying them used, instead of new.   This will work with any brand, like Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and others.   You can simply advertise what you are looking for and see what you find people selling.  Many people have old 110’s or Big Reds that may not be running, but have decent bodies.  Anyone that is parting out an old three wheeler is a good person to ask.  It’s a really good alternative to new aftermarket plastics for Honda ATC models.

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