How To Get Better MPG

These days, everyone is looking to get better mpg on their cars because gasoline costs are on the rise. Although they aren’t anywhere near their 2008 peak, gasoline has slowly crept back up to near unaffordable levels for some Americans. So, here are several gas saving tips that you can use to experience better fuel economy:

  • Check Your Tire Pressure: The pressure in your tires has a direct correlation to the mileage that you get on your vehicle; too much or too little air will result in suboptimal performance. Check your tire pressure once a month to ensure that it is inflated to the tire manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Rotate Or Change Your Tires: This one is related to the previous point I just made. The amount of friction between your tires and the ground also affects the efficiency at which your car burns fuel. If there’s too much friction, which will sometimes result from bald or un-rotated tires, then you’re not getting as much fuel efficiency as you’d like. If your tires are bald, change them out – you will get better MPG and will be much safer when driving out on the road in inclement weather conditions.
  • Add Fuel Treatment When You Fill Up: Most gas stations sell fuel treatment that you can add when you fill your tank that will cause you to theoretically get better MPG on your vehicle. I personally have never tried this myself and even if it does work the cost of the fuel treatment bottle will probably cancel out any gas savings you would experience.
  • Check Your Air Filter: Check your air filter to ensure that it doesn’t need to be replaced. A clogged air filter causes your engine system to underperform because it is not getting the right amount of air it needs to mix with the fuel thus creating lower efficiency combustion. A clean or new air filter will definitely get better MPG than a dirty one.
  • Turn Off The AC: I don’t recommend this one on really hot days but if you turn down or off the air conditioner then you will save gas without a doubt. The reason is that the air conditioner uses gas to operate so if you turn it off then you have more gas leftover for the engine to use – it’s a simple no-brainer.
  • Remove Unnecessary Weight: If you’re like me and sometimes seem to live out of the trunk of your car, then you can probably get more fuel efficiency simply by cleaning your stuff out. It may not seem like much, but with a lighter vehicle you will definitely get better MPG than if you drove around with all your junk in the back seat.
  • Slow Down: This is the most basic way to get better MPG and save gas. Most people accelerate really quickly only to slam on the brakes when they come to a stop sign. If you learn how to accelerate at a normal pace and let the car cruise to a stop, you will save your gas. This is a technique that I would constantly use in high school and it works like a charm.

Now that you know how to save gas and experience better fuel efficiency, be sure to implement a few of these tips so you can put more money back in your wallet!

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