Understanding The Differences Between Modified Car Insurance Rates

Hey There! If you’ve added any mods to your vehicle, then you will definitely want to seek a modified car insurance policy. In the eyes of insurance companies, vehicles that have been modified fall into 1 of 2 categories - showroom or street. It is important to gain an understanding of what the differences are between these two categories so that you can go into the purchasing process with a realistic expectation of what you will be paying for your modified car insurance. To check modified and used car insurance rates in Nevada, click here.

Now let’s figure out how to determine whether your car will be categorized as showroom or street, and the nuances of each category. Showroom cars are cars that are usually driven a low number of miles every year, are meticulously run and cared for, and are meant to be kept looking in ‘showroom’ condition. These types of modified vehicles have a lower likelihood to be stolen, and usually remain parked in a garage during the evening hours. Because of these aforementioned facts, modified car insurance brokers view showroom cars as a low risk. Thus, if your car falls into this category you can expect to pay less for insurance coverage.

The other category for modded cars is known as street. As the name implies, these types of cars are made to be on the streets. They usually have very expensive parts intended to increase the performance and speed of the vehicle. Physically, these cars are pushed to their limits and are driven in extremely risky circumstances. Since they are equipped with such valuable parts, they have a much higher likelihood of being stolen and stripped down. Additionally, the types of drivers that operate these vehicles are usually younger males that like to drive fast - the types of people that insurance agencies view as the highest risk. If your car falls into this category, expect to pay a pretty premium for your modified car insurance policy.

Some people simply choose not to report their mods to their insurance provider simply because they do not wish to pay the higher premium rates. I discourage this very much because if you do not report your mods and your vehicle is stolen or abused, then in essence you do not have any coverage for those expensive modifications and it will be a complete loss. It is simply better to bite the bullet, pay the premium, and keep your butt covered. To compare modified and used car insurance rates in Nevada, click here to learn more. Thanks and be safe out there!

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JustinDavis 6 years ago

Great Hub! I just put a sound system in my car and new rims does that count as a modified car?

liamb2001 profile image

liamb2001 5 years ago

not sure if a sound system is considered but rims sometimes is , best checking out http://www.modifiedcarsinsurance.net/ to make sure tho

great hub btw

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