HYUNDAI i10 is available in four varients namely D-lite,Era,Magna and D-Auto.its powered by a 1.1 litre,iRDE petrol engine which offers good fuel economy.

i10's gear system is 5 speed manual transmission which is mounted in stylish manner between driver and passenger gives a unique look to the interior.

In addition to central locking and power window, there is an option for ABS and airbags.The top end model comes up with sunroof which is unique feature among cars of this segment.

The interior looks quite impposing with the leather covering.The dashboard looks pretty cool and i10 comes up with digital odometer and 2 trip meter.The boot space is less compared to santro.



Hyundai i10 D-Lite 1086 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater 3,55,438

Hyundai i10 Era 1086 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater 3,92,639

Hyundai i10 Magna 1086 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater 4,17,805

Hyundai i10 Magna (O) 1086 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater 4,97,733

Hyundai i10 Magna (O) with Sunroof 1086 cc, Petrol, Manual transmission, 5 seater 5,14,211


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ansar  8 years ago

hi friends mat be i10 is also like santro , fuel efficient , easy to handle , small turning radius,

pratik monpara 7 years ago

please send me one soft copy of the hyundai car specialy i10 because i am interesting to buy a hyundai car on following address:

vishwa karma hall,moti baug campus,room no:204,junagadh-362001,gujarat

karthik 7 years ago

hi guys i got an i10 at 2008 set i am getting its millege of 14km/l so get me the tips how to increase it

Srinivas 7 years ago

I am palnning to sale my two months old NANO. If any one is interested please contact me.

Color: Lunar Silver

Model: LX



Manish Adhikari 6 years ago

Hi, i m using i10 magna with kappa engine. I purchased this car in january 2010 from delhi. With AC my car give me only 10km/l. Although i always use extra premium. Is it normal at this stage of car. How can i improve its mileage? Plz help & if possible gv ur useful comments in my email. My id is

i shall be thankful 4 ur useful comments.

sanjib subudhi 6 years ago

Hi, i m using i10 magna with kappa engine. I purchased this car in january 2010 from mumbai. With AC my car give me only 8km/L. Though company is committing min. 12 km/l in city. How can i improve its mileage? Plz help & if possible gv ur useful comments in my email

akash 6 years ago

hi,i am using i10 era engine and dont know about the mileage and other difference regarding the magna engine so if anyways know please send me the details to my email id.

MURALI PRASAD B 6 years ago

Don't buy i10 This is my sincere appeal as a learned customer

Prakhar 6 years ago

same problem of mileage . magna 1.2 kappa giving the average of only 9km\l .if any suggetion regarding this mail it to me..... on


kshitij 6 years ago

my car is good , my car gives nilage of 14 , how to increase it .

Agarwakl, Kshitiz 5 years ago

Buying an i10 is stupidity. I got 1 and gave it to dealership for mileage testing. They drove it on highway, mileage was 11.7 kmpl. They even gave me a document specifying that. When asked about their marketing claims, they say it only to sell the cars.

rahul reddy 5 years ago

yeah i got my i 1o in the year of 2009 and the model is kappa engine magana car has a worst mileage ..9 km per lit

Saurabh Gupta 5 years ago

Nothing like a Maruti. My WagonR gives 19 KMPL in Delhi city drive and upto 23 KMPL on highways. Once got 24 KMPL too. Unbelievable? But its true!. It depends on how one drives the car and how well you maintain your car.

Last year bought a Hyundai i10 1.2 Magna as well. Its a sick car indeed. Not sure if its a rat race or what that people buy it, but I truly didn't like ths car. Its not just okay in terms of mileage and pickup. It drags a lot when starting from zero; engine sometimes hums like an early 19th century Fiat - Premier Padmini. It started to give steering column noise after 7000 kms, a lot of vibrations - hums like sitting in an air conditioner itself. Checked with 4-5 mechanics/workshops but all say its normal in i10 - Very Funny!!!


sagar bhosale 5 years ago

i 10 is very cool car

njlkjhygfb 5 years ago

hai i want buy i 10 car how is it

yash 4 years ago

hey its good car with milage 15 kmpl

zineddine 4 years ago

SVP je cherche le manuel de hyundai i10 1.1

Om shukla 4 years ago

Sexy car and good milege 18 kmp

abhayip 4 years ago

hi every one

hyundai i 10 with 1.2 ltr with kappa and vtvt engine is one of the best car ever i have seen in my life.after first servicing of the car it is giving me 19-19.5 kms /litere (average).actually i was thinking to buy wagonr but my son insisted that instead of wagon r let's buy because it has a great looks and good interior son and also my dad are very happy by purchasing this car.

thank you.


shahid,srinagar 4 years ago

hi...i got i 10 era model four months gives me an average of 13-14kms..which i think is poor as claimed the mileage of 20.36 by the hyundai makers...

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