How To Find Cheap Used Military Humvee

military humvee
military humvee


Are you in the market for a cheap used military Humvee?  This may surprise you, but the army has a surplus of them, and they oftentimes will sell them through retailers to the public to raise money.  Nevertheless, there are some things you need to know going into it.

Step 1:

First you've got to figure out how much money you're willing to spend.  Take a look at your finances and decide this before you go any further.  Humvees generally are not cheap, and also are not fuel efficient, so you're going to need a continued investment to keep one.

Step 2:

Next, you need to see how you're going to get it to your house if you purchase it online.  Sometimes you have to go out to a train station to pick it up, while other times you have to take a trip to the dealership.  Make sure you're completely sure about which method you'll be using to pick up your military Humvee.

Step 3:

Go to  They're currently the premier online dealership for the military Humvee.  They offer decent prices, and seem to have a legitimate business going for them.

Step 4:

If you can't find what you want there, take a look at  They're an auction site with millions of listings, and undoubtedly there are some people who are selling a Humvee there as well.

Tips and Warnings:

*  TIP: Always bring extra fuel in the humvee.  They burn through the stuff really fast.

*  WARNING: Do not drive your Humvee on local roads.  Many areas forbid it for non-military use, so make sure to check your local laws.

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Matthew 5 years ago

Where can I find out what my local laws are.

luis 19 months ago

i am in the market of a military humvee i live miami florida can i drive it in public road.

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