How To Find Very Cheap Car Insurance

Finding very cheap car insurance is a breeze if you know where to look. A word of caution though, it only takes one ticket or accident to make all of your hard work go down the drain. Inexpensive car insurance is cheap because the deductible is outrageous, the service sucks, or your premiums with go through the roof after an accident. If you're comfortable taking that gamble, or if you are only temporarily strapped for cash, very cheap car insurance is a great idea.

There are online and offline options for finding car insurance that you can afford. You can find great deals with any online broker that promises cheap rates. They scour all of the insurance companies to find you the best deal for your situation. Most of them will also accept high-risk drivers after they've been turned down by other companies. Offline, you can find a local broker that will do the same thing, but be able to provide a little customer service with it since you get to deal with a real person, face to face.

Before signing up for any very cheap car insurance, be sure to know what the minimum amount of coverage is needed in your state. There have been situations where a company has insured people at an unbelievable rate, only for the customer to find out that they aren't even legal to drive with it. Do your homework so this doesn't happen to you.

There are also other ways to lower your insurance premiums that you can do on your own. A combination of these things, with a great price on your premium will save you a ton of cash each year (if you stay out of trouble!).

Image courtesy of Eli Hodapp via
Image courtesy of Eli Hodapp via

Drive A Hooptie

Driving a car that isn't worth much money can turn cheap insurance into very cheap car insurance. A car that is only worth a few hundred bucks will be extremely low risk for any insurance company to insure. If the car runs well, you are sitting on thousands of dollars in savings each year that not many other people are getting. Also, many older small cars get great gas mileage and have extremely low maintenance costs, saving you even more money. This plan is great when you're looking for very cheap car insurance for young drivers.

With this being said, if you have rims or a stereo on your car don't insure them. This will raise your premium, especially if the stereo and wheels cost as much as the car does. You can either just not insure them, or rock the stock wheels and stereo until you can afford an insurance upgrade. I know that if they're stolen you're out more money than you would have saved, but if you never put them on you'll never have a problem.

You can also buy a cheap car alarm to save some more money. Almost all car insurance companies will reduce your premium if you have an alarm installed.

Don't Drive Like An Idiot

If you want to keep your very cheap car insurance for a long time, you have to drive safe.  Some accidents can't be prevented, but most other things can.  Drive the speed limit and stay sober.  The last thing you want to do is have to pay the fines and see your insurance premium triple over night.

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