How To Prevent Distracted Driving

Texting while driving
Texting while driving | Source

Distracted driving kills 9 people and injures 1,060 every day. Some of the activities that can distract you while driving include eating or drinking, talking on your phone, sending emails or text messages or reading them, and paying too much attention to navigation systems, audio players, and other electronic devices present in the car. Pets and young children can also be major distractions.

Safety Rules for Drivers

Although distracted drivers can cause harm to themselves, it is often the pedestrians and bikers that suffer the most. Innocent as it may seem, distracted driving is punishable by the law and can get you behind bars. Prevent accidents while driving by following a few safety rules.

  • Don’t send text messages/emails or read the messages/emails you receive. These activities are the most dangerous distraction for drivers because it takes their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheels, and their mind off driving.
  • Don’t make calls or answer calls on your cell phone. If you absolutely must, buy a hands-free device. They are inexpensive.

Don't Text and Drive
Don't Text and Drive | Source
Keep pets inside carrier
Keep pets inside carrier | Source
Front seat passenger giving directions
Front seat passenger giving directions | Source
  • Keep your stereo volume low so that you can hear the sounds on the road.
  • Set up radio stations, CDs players, and iPods or other music players connected to your car sound system before you start driving.
  • Do not eat while driving. Even an innocent pack of M&Ms prohibits you from keeping your hands on the steering wheel at all times, as you should.
  • Do not listen to headphones.
  • Do not use an iPad or any other handheld device, and don’t turn your head to check something that your passengers want to show you on their devices.
  • Use a carrier for cats, dogs, and other pets.
  • Teach children good manners while they are in the car. Try to keep them in the backseat with their seat belts on.
  • Ask the other front-seat passenger to provide you with directions instead of having to glance all the time at your GPS or map.
  • Pull the car on the side of the road if an argument breaks inside and wait for tempers to cool.

Wearing bicycle helmets
Wearing bicycle helmets | Source

Safety Rules for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Pedestrians can guard themselves against distracted drivers by using crosswalks instead of jaywalking, looking both ways before crossing the street, and keeping to the sidewalks. Cyclists who use a fluorescent custom bike jersey are much more visible for drivers, especially at night. If you like pedaling after dusk, you will want to add reflectors to your helmet and other bike equipment. It saves lives. Also, you will want to make sure that you follow the traffic rules as a cyclist, your bicycle is considered a vehicle and all the same rules for a driver apply to you. For example, don’t cycle against the traffic, you want to ride with the flow of traffic and always signal when turning. If you can, keep to the sidewalk if there are special lanes for bikes or if the local regulations allow it.

As more and more people embrace smartphones and tablets, distracted driving is becoming a major problem in the US. Fortunately, it is not hard to solve. Follow the rules above and keep your eyes on the road.

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