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Figuring out how to sell a used car can seem like a pain, especially when you need to sell it fast.

Determining the answers to questions like these are the best way to get started selling a used car; How do you decide on a price? How low are you willing to go? When do you need to sell it by? What do you do if you can't sell it?

Start by determining the price. Visit Kelly Blue Book to get an estimate of the value of your car. Be extremely honest with yourself when determining the condition that your car is in, or be prepared for negotiation and disappointment when it comes time to sell. When you determine what the car is worth, make your asking price 2-3% higher than that to allow some room to negotiate without you losing out.

Figure out the lowest price you're willing to accept. This is an important step to avoid "sellers remorse" down the road. Stick to that price!

When does it need to be sold by? If you're selling a car to pay rent (or some other payment), factor in a few extra days to allow the check to clear.

What if you can't sell it? You can try lowering the price to see if any offers come. If they do, you might have set the price too high from the start. If not, it looks like no one wants it!

Sell Locally

Putting a For Sale sign in the window is still a very effective method and may be the best way to sell a used car.

Many neighborhoods have an area where you can park your car with other used cars for sale. It's like going to the dealership without having to deal with sales people! Pay attention to local laws though, many municipalities have regulations about parking overnight.

In the worst case, you'll at least get to know a few new people in your neighborhood!

Image courtesy of freeparking on flickr.
Image courtesy of freeparking on flickr.


Selling your used car on craigslist is easy and free. The problem though, is the website does not make it easy for people to find your car. Also, in order to have an attractive page you have to be fairly familiar with HTML.  When deciding where to sell a used car, consider Craigslist.  I've personally had lots of success with it, and you should too.


Autotrader is the fastest and easiest way to sell your used car, but you have to pay for this convenience.  Running an ad for your car ranges from $19 to $59.  Paying for your ad allows you to take advantage of their easy interface and powerful search engine.

This option is probably out of the question if you're selling your car to pay bills, but for the rest of us it's the best way to go.

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HuuLeon profile image

HuuLeon 5 years ago from Virginia

Yes I agree. It saves you alot of money using classified ads. I used to sell cars on craigslist but had some bad experiences with fake scams. Now I sell my cars on They use video instead of photos which i think is really cool.

Gagan Modi profile image

Gagan Modi 5 years ago from Delhi, India

Selling Car at the right price is always a tedious task. If you sell it to dealer - he will always undercut the price by 10-15% to retain his margin

Best way is to attract your car to direct customers. One of the best ways in India is to list Car for Sale to Online websites. Refer:-

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