Does Water For Gas Work in a Turbo Diesel?

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My Own Hydrolyzer in my Audi A6 2.5 Turbo Diesel
My Own Hydrolyzer in my Audi A6 2.5 Turbo Diesel
The Hydrolyzer - The Heart of the Water Powered Car Car Kit
The Hydrolyzer - The Heart of the Water Powered Car Car Kit

Does Water For Gas Work In A Turbo Diesel?

I don’t know about you but I really like driving around in a nice comfortable car, taking my family where they want, visiting friends in different States and taking the mobile vacations of my choice to my favorite summer get-a-ways.

Since gas has reached $3 a gallon though, I’ve really had to cut way back on my family events and vacation trips. This was really frustrating my family and me!

So I had to find the answer to:

==> Continuing to drive a luxury car.

==> Make my family happy.

==> And afford $3 a gallon!

Then I got an email promotion, that explained to me that I could use water for gas in my car and improve my gas mileage anywhere in the range from 10-50%!

Now I know what you are thinking (and I had the same thoughts). That’s a pretty big claim!

But I’m so concerned about the ever-rising gas prices and how it is cutting into my life style, I did like you are doing and kept on reading, with the hope this was possibly the answer to my gas problem.

Though I saw proof in video clips of normal gas cars using water for gas systems and was pretty convinced it worked, I had to dig quite a bit deeper to find out if the water powered car technology would work in my Audi A6 2.5 Turbo Diesel.

I read some information that the water car system worked in diesel trucks and was thrilled to find one testimonial from Giorgio Rossi who claimed to have gotten a 77% increase in mileage with his VW Bora 1.9 Turbo Diesel (TDI)!

What really caught my eye, was the claim this technology could be installed by myself (if I had a minimal understanding of cars) and for a very affordable price between $20 and $100.

So I did the next logical step and bought the 2 manuals from email promotion I had received and see what they had to say.

I have to say that the manuals had everything one would need to do-it-yourself but I realized right away that most people don’t really have the time or know-how, to install such a device.

So I emailed the customer service mentioned in the manual and they were very helpful when I explained I just wanted to purchase a product. They recommended a manufacturer of the hydrolyser product (the heart of the water for gas system) to me, who they new shipped internationally. This was important for me because I’m an American living in Germany. (In the picture on the right side of this page, you can see the hydrolyser I have in my Audi Turbo Diesel. It is the object with the white cap in the bottom right hand corner. I also included a full view of the hydrolyser for you to see better.)

I ordered the product and had it shipped to my address in Germany. As I expected, the German customs inspected the package and charged me an extra $40 as import tax!

Then I went to my town mechanic to have the water powered car kit installed. This is a guy I’ve been going to for 30 years. He’s an “old school” car lover who loves testing new ideas. He knew exactly how to install the unit when I showed him the plans.

The manuals I bought say a water-for-gas device can be installed in minutes but for my Audi A6 Turbo Diesel, this was not true. What is true is it you can de-install it in minutes.

I was confronted with three major problems:

The first problem was finding a spot to install the hydrolyser. The Germans build their cars very space-efficient and my Audi A6 Turbo Diesel is built just like that. There was only one place to install it and that was on the lower right side of the car next to the radiator.

The second issue came when testing the device for air intake. In a normal car, the air intake produces a very strong suction, thus providing the air intake needed to suck the hydrogen produced by the Hydrolyser into the engine.

The result and the heart of this idea, is a more complete combustion.

In a Turbo Diesel, the air intake tubing from the Hydrolyser is connected in front of the Turbo. Since a Turbo Diesel hardly produces any suction from the Turbo, the air intake cannot really be accurately tested.

The third problem was connecting the positive 15-amp power wire that is needed to generate power to the hydrolyser. In a normal car, there are several places to connect to a 15-amp source. In an Audi Turbo Diesel, there are no connections. So extra wiring had to inserted to connect directly to the starter.

Finally after 2 days of installing, I was ready to test the hydrolyser in my Audi A6 Turbo Diesel!

I didn’t notice much of a savings in gas mileage for the first half tank, so I called the manufacturer sensing something was wrong.

My instinct was right and he told me to cut off the air intake tubing going into the Hydrolyser so that there would be full airflow. I found out from Giorgio (the guy with the 77% increase in gas mileage), it important that you have two 6mm tubes coming from the Hydrolyser to provide maximum amount of hydrogen to the Turbo intake manifold.

When I made this slight “tweak” to the system, I got a startling in 47% increase in gas mileage!

So in my case, water for gas in a Turbo Diesel does work but the installation was much more complicated than was expected. Though this technology can be built and installed by you, I strongly suggest you just buy a hydrolyser from a source that has personally tested it and have it installed by a mechanic!

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midwest 8 years ago

Good information especially as they are now telling up to expect $ 4 a gallon gas this spring. Not being technically inclined with cars; my question is: Do you still use gas and just get much better mileage or does this someway replace gas?

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Midwest,

Yes, you still use gas. To say it in simpler terms, the unit turns normal gas into Premium. The optimal burn makes you save gas. If you do some Google searching, you will see there are cars that run completely on water but they have still yet to reach the market because of government and industry issues. Our solution is for the moment, is affordable (hydrogen kits can cost up to $1200!) and can be installed or deinstalled in minutes. If you have any further questions, feel free to respond. Tim Arnot

Caregiver-007 profile image

Caregiver-007 8 years ago from Florida

Interesting hub on a very timely topic. I have long been interested in various reports from around the world regarding use of water / hydrogen and other advances the oil cartel and petroleum industry would prefer to stay buried. The hybrids appeared the best readily available and reliable alternative in recent times. This is an interesting stop-gap solution. Thumbs up!

Jana67 profile image

Jana67 8 years ago from Waves, NC

Timely topic, it's good to know that this is a possibility. I really hope that solutions will be sought after by mechanically inclined people like yourself, will help us all in the long run.

DayTradersWin profile image

DayTradersWin 8 years ago from Laguna, California

Good topic - not sure the why, how to, and the value.

You may want to revisit the site from the perspective of the problem, benefits, and the solution for others - rather than your experience up front. Your experience is important as added content, in my view at least, rather than the content.

Hope you see I'm being supportive with my suggestion.

John McLaughlin - Traders Consultant / Coach

gesown profile image

gesown 8 years ago you need a water tank AND a fuel tank?

Olowkow 8 years ago

If you are buying$3.00 gas in Germany, you are getting a bargain. Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen by hydrolysis requires more energy than you get by burning the hydrogen produced. Wishful thinking, in my opinion.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

No I am paying $7.88 per gallon!

That is why I bought and tested the Hydrolyzer Car Kit.

The 19% improvement in gas mileage was well worth the investment.

lawris miha 8 years ago

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Lawris, Did you have a comment to make? Nothing showed up on my page.

Steeljedi 8 years ago

Great post and very interesting. You wouldn't have the URL where you purchased this piece of kit from would you? Cheers

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Sure. The URL where you can purchase this kit at is It is my site. If you have questions, you can also reach me at

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Sure. The URL where you can purchase this kit at is It is my site. If you have questions, you can also reach me at

Sweeps Luck profile image

Sweeps Luck 8 years ago from Fountain Inn

Nice hub..i too am about to install a hydro booster in an 84 Volkswagon Rabbit diesel. I am hoping to increase the mpg to 10%. I currently get 51 mpg and hope to get 64 as i am hearing from some guys. Nice hub!

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Great to hear of more people that are as excited about this technology as I am! Would love to hear what your results were. If you get a chance, send me an email to

Run Car On Water 8 years ago

It's the FUTURE Baby!

Cheap Game Gold 8 years ago

Is this true? I heard mixing in water with your fuel damages your engine.

Is it different somehow with diesel? Do you also still use gas?

How much water is being used per tank etc?

Also, how can I do this with my v8 Mustang GT?

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

HI Cheap Game Gold,You don't acutally mix water in your car. The water is in a container and when mixed with the catalyst, forms a gas and that is sucked into your car air intake. This gas is mixed in with the gas/air mixture already formed making it burn more effectively giving you the gas mileage increasee. It works with diesel or any gas engine. The Hydrolyzer carries about 1 liter of distilled water. This can definitely be used in your v8 Mustang GT. If you want to learn more, go to

Earl Levers 8 years ago


I understand the principle of the disel engine and when the valve open to let just air in I assume that the hydro gas will enter the cylinder as well, when the piston is on the compression stroke will it not ignite as the compression super heats the air/gas mixture before the injector spray in the disel fuel causing detonation?

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Earl,

I'm not an engineer but when I presented this questions to the originator of this product (Hydrolyzer), he said as an engineer for Boeing for 15 years, if you spend your time trying to figure out why this works, you'll never get to testing and seeing that it really works. I have a 64 oz. hydrolyzer installed in my Audi A6 (you see it in the video above) and I get a consistent 19% increase in mileage. It is funny how one gets used to the extra mileage. Just a week ago, I had it out for cleaning and refilling and drove around without it. My Audi was sluggish and you could actually see over a couple of days that the mileage was not happening. I put it back in, power is there again and instantly mileage is up again. Also with a fuel efficient car, you can save another $2000 getting the IRS to pay for your "hydrogen car". You can get more information at My suggestion to people is to try it. There is a 30 day full money back guarantee that comes with the hydrolyzer so you have nothing to loose!

David 8 years ago

I am a American in Bulgaria, I have made the system, however I can not get any vacuum from the car I am trying it on, it is a 1990 Renault TD5, can you tell me where I can get the vacuum from? Thx.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi David,

You have to make an angled connection between the Turbo and the Engine in the direction that the air is flowing. The venture effect will then suck the HHO in if you make sure you have the air valve on the Hydrolyzer just slightly open. If you have more questions, just email me at

Aussi 8 years ago

Have an SUV 4.2 L diesel non turbo engine. How do you think it will improve the milage? Being an aspirated engine it really sucks.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Aussi,

I think this testimonial from my website answers your question the best.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send me an email to

You can also place an order at


Tim Arnot, President / CEO, World Direct Inc.

"I Increased my mileage at 55 from 22-23 to 28 MPG. That was with 1 64oz and 1 32oz unit. Just put in two 64 oz units and pretty sure will be able to break 30 MPG at 55 Miles per hour. I will put another 64oz in when I try my next trip. I hope to hit 35 MPG at 55 MPH. My truck is rated at 15 city and 20 hwy. Never got the 20 maybe 18 or so if I was lucky. So 36 miles per gallon would double my mileage and that would be a 100% increase." Tim, IL

Aussi 8 years ago

Thanks Tim.

Really keen to getting one on my SUV. One more question If you don't mind. I see that MAP sensors/enhances are used to better regulate... fuel injected. How do they work, given that the hydrolyser would also produce oxygen, so the engine would be putting more fuel in? I'm lost on this one


Aussi from Australia

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Aussi,

If you plan to use a MAP Enhancer, cover your O2 sensors with aluminum foil. Then regulate manually the air gas/air mixture going into your intake with the enhancer.

If you have more questions, you can reach me my email at

Cheers, Tim

Linda Ruth 8 years ago

Hi. Thanks for the birthday greeting--and Happy Birthday to you too! Gas pridces are going to mandate some changes, and a good thing for all of us it is. Love the site!


david jones 8 years ago

i am very interested in gas for water and i thoght i would start small an work my way up, so i started with vaperizer on my 2000 ford 3/4 ton diesal and ther is no real vacum so i thougt i would hoke it to my air intake about a ft. from my turbo and there was no bobbles , if ther is any boddy that can help here i would appresetate it, david jones

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi David,

The diesel technology is different from a gas engine, so that is why you don't see any bubble action.

Just connect the Hydrolyzer to your starter and when you turn you car on, check to see that bubbles (small fizzing action) is happening in your Hydrolyzer. Then you know HHO is being formed. Then when connect it to the air intake, when you are driving, then the gas will be sucked into your air intake. Make sure all connections are absolutely airtight.

If you have more questions, email me at or go to my website at:


Darren Moore 8 years ago

Hi Tim,

I have sent an email to your business address, look forward to communicating with you very soon


Darren Moore

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Darren,

Have replied to your email address.

Thanks, Tim

david jones 8 years ago

thanks for the info tim i do appreate it. and to all of you i have lean a grate dell in the last two weeks and so mush more to lean ,thank you

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi David,

Glad to be of help! :-) If you have any other questions, you can email me at


david jones 8 years ago

With my 2000 Ford turbo diesel I made a map sensor enhancer like the book showed (potentiometer 50k and resistor33k). I went to the Ford dealer and told them I had three wires coming out of my map sensor and gave them $20 dollars an told them I needed the wire going to the ecu from my map sensor so they printed the electric chart out for me. On the left it showed a gray/red and center green/black and right side brown/white and I told them I would like the one going to the ecu and they told me it was the center wire- green/black. I put it together and nothing so I disconnected it. I looked at the wiring diagram for my self, not really knowing what I'm looking at, and it does show the green wire going straight to the ecu and after really looking hard I see the brownn wire going to the ecu and also going to engine control harness and to injection control. I looked at the last wire the gray/red and it goes to the air charge and to the ecu. I know this has to be right. Can somebody please help me.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi David,

I don't know what manual you are using but if you use my original manual, it will tell exactly how to hook up the MAP Enhancer.

You can get a copy here:

Regards, Tim

david jones 8 years ago

thank you tim i got my book from ozzie freedom and bill lang and thay did a very good job of putting it togeather and the wire that i put the map senser and ecu on was the right one . but my truck is a little like my body its got to be right and i pannicked when it did not work and i did not wont to tare up my ecu so for $8.50 i found out exakly what wire , today i was reading the last of the book and i have to say bill lang and my self are on the same home page when it come to health,for i have been dranking 35% hydro for about a year and a few other thangs and i will be trying a few of the thangs bill lang talked about for the email:

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

HI David,

Glad to be of help!


david jones  8 years ago

hi every body , i just got back from the mechanic at the ford motor com, and while i was there the mechanic told me he was not aloud to install any thing that looked like hydrogen unit so he had to stop working on a few cars or be fined thousands of dollars, this is starting to get interesting you all must be getting to the oil com. i hope so David

david jones 8 years ago

Tim i have spent a grate dill of time on the Internet looking for a control to see my millage while I'm driving and i found one that shows about 6 different functions scan gauge 11 for about $170 and while i was watching a video clip on this hub i seen one an i thought i would ask if there is one that is a little cheaper thank you david ,email

solarcaptain profile image

solarcaptain 8 years ago from california

Oil got the candy store. the government made the decision everyone would drive a car. We didn't have a choice whether to take a train or bus, so the oil companies got this freer ride on our back, now they say, you can't touch us, we are private. they are pulling in the profits and dont want to drill or explore, why should they? It's impossble to belive how these special interests operate.

It's like the coal mines, went in and sucked out the coal on the miners back then left the hole and if it was burning so what? They took a hike. Now mr stujpidity, and his oil company buddies want to destroy the beaches and the waterways by drilling, even thouh that won't help a thing.

they have no thought of the future generations and the trash can we will be leaving for them. The shame that will fall upon us for not even considering other fuels and technologies. Gasoline is the most inefficient way to move people of all, and the most polluting. It was cheap and plentiful and not enough people owned cars to make a differenc. The people flee to Alaska and think they have it over their city breathern down south. Wait till they desecrate tht beautiful land, already natives in jAlaska or being driven out of their homes by the rising water.

What kind of a man would force scientists to say there is no global warming just so his oil buddies could continue to harvest our childrens legacy? Finjally the lies catch up to him and while admitting maybe there is something going on, he takes away the power of the protection agencies to put a stop to the rape of the land, and the collective dump they are taking in the ocean. You won't see any of the sob's helping the many animals caught in the trash allowed to accumulate. A cruise ship dumps raw human waste into the ocean and the fine? A slap on the wrist.

I say this proudly, I stood for John and Robert Kennedy, had they lived none of this would be allowed to happen. We went to the moon three years after Kennedy said it was our goal. There was no plan to escalate the Viet Nam war.

Here is your grandchild's legacy. Deadly air to breath, cancers, managers and officials and the military who enjoy decent healthcare, a nice home away from dirty crowded cities. Closed universitys as more prisons are built to maintain America's goal of having the most prisoners of any other country in the world. Your telephone hasn't worked for a week. But there is only one telephone company.

Service waits are more than 6 months. Libraries are a thing of the past. Computers take the place of libraries, and if you are too poor, well then you must be lazy.

A letter like this would not get published, "for the public good." Clean water and nutricious foods are for the wealthy and privileged class. The only political party is the World Republicans by and for the privileged.

It's a dammed good thing you are doing sir, and I admire your inventiveness and your courage. there are many who want to shut your style of antil-big oil down.

A car that runs on water..we had that at one time. It was called the steam engine and research stopped in the 30's, because one man was given a monopoly to produce oil for the rest of us. You know who he is. John D. himself.

The steam cars were terrors, fast and efficient and with almost instant power. Turn the key on, wait a few seconds, and whoosh! Well there are a lot of thinkers and the problem will get solved. to pay $ 4.00 a gallon to move a person from here to there in a 5000 pound automobile is downright wasteful and stupid.

Thanks for making it interesting. With inventors like you, we may be able to reverse the damage done by carbon yet.

Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

I love this hub! I 'm very interested in ways of lowering my diesel consumption. If we all started doing stuff like this, it would cut total vehicle consumption dramatically. Why don't car manufacturers install this system as a standard option? And also, if this technology works in vehicles, can it be used in industrial machinery such as generators?

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Amanda,

It a sad fact but car manufacturers don't want to have anything to do with this product because it doesn't make enough profit for them. Full Hydrogen cars are definitely coming but it will be probably 10 years before it will be affordable for eveyone. Following this stragegy, then the car manufacturers will be able to charge $20K upwards for a new car plus control all the maintenace that has to go along with the car. This product was founded to let people know that there is something they can do NOW to combat rising gas prices.

This technolgoy works with all types of gas engines. There are reports of people using it on lawn mowers and the russians have a large unit that is used for welding.

You can get more information an order at

if You have other questions you can reach me at

Best regards,

Tim Arnot, President / CEO, World Direct Inc.

charles Philip 8 years ago

Interesting information. I have a turbo diesel engine 3.1 isuzu troper 1998 as well and have been struggling to have the mileage improved using hho devices. I have connected the outlet into the engine just before the turbo charger but i but cant see any changes to the mileage. Can any one come to my help and suggetst the best way to connect the hho outlet on a diesel turbo engine.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Charles,

I see what you did wrong. You have to make your connection to the air intake after the turbo.

You can see how it is connected on my own personal Audi A6 Turbo Diesel at http://www.water in the videos.

If you have other questions, you can contact me per email at

Regards, Tim Arnot

David Jones 8 years ago

hi Tim and everybody, i love this site Tim, i just got my 2000 f250 turbo diesel going with hydro,,2 generators and after watching it for about 80 miles I'm very unpressed, i don't have bubbles and maybe i don't need them after i see what my mileage is I'm going to make a few changes, this is great Tim i thank i can put bubble flow on the generators and be able to control the flow i will let you no, thank all of you for all the in site,i have learned so much and have a lot more to lurn

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hey David,

That is great! Just wanted to let you know that we have just released on the market the latest state-of-the-art HHO generator (Hydrolyzer) that produces 4 times more gas than the standard hydrolyzers (4 liters per minute in comparison to 1 liter per minute with the standard hydrolyzer) with only tap water. No longer need to use distilled water or catalyst (baking powder). Price is $560.00. If you are interested contact me at Cheers, Tim Arnot, President / CEO, World Direct Inc.

sherlynavia 8 years ago from United States

Great Info! I came across new things. Thanks for the info.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

HI Sherl,

Since you've discovered new alternatives for saving gas, you might be interested in not having to use gas at all. Check this site out. Tim Arnot

Grease  8 years ago

I have a 2003 VW TDI and was wondering where you are to put the HHO tube at??

In your pic and Giorgio it shows the tube going in before the turbo and in the blog with Charles you told him to put it AFTER the turbo. Which am I to do?? Also did Giorgio say to leave the bubbler fully open for max output? Thanks for your help!!

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Grease,

Put the tube after the turbo. In my pic it is after the turbo. With the bubbler you have to adjut it so there is just slight bublling action. If you have more questions, email me at

david 8 years ago

4 liters per mini, that is grate Tim I'm working on one that will put more hydrogen out than the standard generator and after i test it out and it work , i will let everybody have it,for my gol is for everybody to do better

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

HI David,

The 4 liters per minute is with our 2 cell unit. We have an eight cell unit that can give you a 40-60% increase in gas mileage. Use for trucks with diesel engines.

flyingdoc 8 years ago

hi,i,m having same problem as others getting no results on my bongo friendee turbo diesel,i have 2 cells pulling 15amps via pwm,2 feeds going upstream of intake just b4 turbo,loads of hho,from wot i've read it seems i should input the hho afta the turbo + let a little air into the bubler is this correct ?.ps i have fitted asingle cell 2 my nonturbo 2.5 diesel camper van ,average pre cell was 25 to 27 mpg i now get 55 mpg at around 60mph is this 100% improvement ?.flyingdoc.

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Flyingdoc,

Yes you should put the HHO connection AFTER the turbo.

Also you should have the bubbler about a 1/4 turn open.

That is a 100% improvement.

If you have other questions, you can email at

Regards, Tim Arnot

Flyingdoc 8 years ago

excellent Tim thanx 4 that! i've been searching along while. i'm now wondering if theres any way of not producing hexavalent chromium in the cell as its hazardous.flyingdoc.

flyingdoc 8 years ago

only problem i have now is how to identify where after the turbo is ! i have main air filter ducting to turbo connection + scoop air intake at front of vehicle 2nd connection to turbo +recycled emissions to engine frm turbo +exhaust via manifold,can be quite confusing 4 a carpenter! cant wait to find the answer. yours in anticipation,flyingdoc.

flyingdoctorcee 8 years ago

hi, i have 2 cells producing plenty of gas right next to the turbo,no blockages,also a check valve to let air in if needed on the bubbler,can hear engine noise change wen i switch gen on,its a mazda bongo friendee 2.5 turbodiesel automatic fultime 4wd 1996.i'm getting no better mpg,i am now baffled! loadza gas production,no leaks ,havnt tried teeing in2 vacume yet .any ideas on this ?there doesn't seem 2 b much info about on turbodiesels,works great on my nonturbo diesel van,yours in hopeFlyingdoc. 8 years ago

Why a Brown's- HHO Gas fuel saver?Brown's Gas / HHO- gas is the latest innovation to increase gas mileage, increase power and improve emissions. Your car will not be totally dependent on water but will be a hybrid of sorts by utilizing water as a catalyst once it is broken down to Brown's Gas also known as HHO. By using Brown's Gas one can expect to see and increase in gas mileage of 15 - 50%. This is not new technology but is starting to get rediscovered as gas and diesel prices continue to increase.

magdiel 8 years ago

What about freezing during winter time. I intend to do it myself, and as winter comes where I live I wonder how it will work, if it will work at all?!

flyingdoctorcee 8 years ago

well i'm stilll! on a mission 4 a result with my 2.5 turbo diesel,starting to get a sore keyboard finger after scouring the forums for wot seems like forever !set up =30amp pwm,drawing 11amps,bubbler with checkvalve( air in only),2 hho lines going in 4" from turbo intake ,no sensors,efie not needed!no leaks ,1litre per minute,twin cells,but no mpg increase.....! i've read turbo diesels can be a problem....tell me about it...starting to get bored now ,can anyone help!HELP!.........FLYINGDOC. ps works brilliant on my nonturbodiesel 2.5 virtually 100%, thought i better add something pozitive!...........

World Direct profile image

World Direct 8 years ago Author

Hi Magdiel,

For freezing weather mix half windshieldwiper fluid with the distilled water and your problem will be solved.

Bubbler pipe 7 years ago

Thanks for give me the opportunity for makes a comments here. I am Nasir from bangladesh. and I would like to thank hub pages and appritiate water gases to continue my process of work

flyingdoctorcee 7 years ago

Well guys hooray!finally getting a result on my Mazda BONGO 2.5 turbo diesel 4WD auto after fitting a venturi at hho injection point 120mm from ,i can now confirm Definitely B4 the turbo ...! 30% increase in mpg from 18mpg about town to 23mpg

alex 6 years ago

Hi My name is Alex,from Toronto ON Canada.I buy hh kit from this company 5 monts ago.I have Audi tdi A8 car.My can is NOT smoke after install the hho,but dont save the gas!After 2 months I save the gas for 35%!!!!!Iam very happy!Right now my car is NO smoke,save the gas 30-40%.This kit what I have is perfect!Also this company is very nice

I order from.But shipping is very good too,but one day later.

thankx alex

Tomas 6 years ago

Hi Alex.My name is Tomas from Budapest.

I buy the Farkas HHO Supra 5000 from 2 months ago,Install the

Audi A8 TDI.

This system is pergfect!I save the gas 35-40%!

Nice system,nice delivery,from canada!

Zedd 6 years ago

Does Water For Gas Work in a Turbo Diesel?

Answer: It doesn't work for ANY engine.

Frisko profile image

Frisko 6 years ago from Newbury Park

hey this is awsome, this cell working with thee MYT engine could go 200 miles per gallon maybe more!! ahhooo for efficientcy.

bobmutch 6 years ago

Hi World Direct,

>>>I got a startling in 47% increase in gas mileage!

With all due respect you either started hypermiling when you did your test (pulse and powered down glide, power down glide to stops, minimum braking, drive lower speed without impeding traffic, minimize using reverse), did this for 1 mile on a fully charged battery (it takes 3 times the power to run the HHO generator than the generator can produce), or you are not telling us the truth.

Could you provide us with your pre-HHO gen mileage and yoru post-HHO gen mileage please?

Bob Mutch


SRee 5 years ago

Anyone pls give me the total cost (including installation)

hihexane 5 years ago


I am from India, got an Indian 2.2 L turbo diesel ,not getting enough mileage even after fitting HHO unit.What should I do

hihexane 5 years ago


This is Nedu once again from India,my 2.2 turbo diesel gives a 12% increase,My HHO input is before the turbo.Should I put it after the turbo.Pleeeaase letme Know ,I am sort of desperate to get more mileage.Will the fuels also affect it.

TheBear 3 years ago

I've worked for EPA test laboratories for years and we regularly have "inventors" bring these products in to verify the fuel savings.

The tests we run are quite comprehensive, taking a total of 36 hours per vehicle in an enviromentally controlled environment using state of the art computerized measurement systems.

To begin with we run a baseline test without the invention installed and measure exhauast gasses and mileage. The car rests for 8-12 hours then the inventor is allowed to install the unit themselves and given up to two hours to tune the vehicle on the lab's dynomomoter. Following the installation and tuning of the auto the car is required to rest for 8-12 hours before the second set of tests are performed.

In the last 20+ years we have yet to certify that ANY of these devices reduce fuel consumption, and we measure changes as small as .000001%!

The perceived changes in mileage people experience can typically be attributed to the drivers being more aware of their driving habits after the installation of such devices. If you want a simple, low cost way to improve your mileage use synthetic motor oil the next time you have your oil changed. The combination of better lubrication and lower engine temps will give a consistant 5%-7% reduction in fuel consumption.

I'd love to see the oil companies get beat at there own game, but this is not the way to do it so save your $$$$.

James 3 years ago

I call Bulls1t!!!! Even the direct inject of hydrogen into the air intake system of any engine, gas or diesel, will not impact the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders for combustion. The computerized injection systems do not take into account the amount of hydrogen gas in the air being supplied to the system, thus the amount of fuel injected won't be reduced.

Common sense dictates that this stuff won't work, science proves it. The laws of thermodynamics would have to be thrown out for this to work and I would think that a person's mileage would actually be decreased by creating an additional workload on the electrical system which is driven by the engine. Check out the lawsuit in Texas related to HHO, Brown's Gas, Water For Gas, etc.

Here's the link...

You want better mileage? Then buy a smaller car, change your driving style, change your oil regularly and keep your engine in tip top shape. Jeesh, it ain't rocket science.

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