How to Mix Weed Eater Gas Oil For the Ladies

You Can Do it Yourself

First and foremost I will tell you mixing weed eater gas is very easy. I thought it was very hard because the information I found online about mixing weed eater gas and oil was so hard to understand. My head was hurting by the time I finished reading the pages that I found online because no one told me out right how much oil to mix with how much gas or even what kind of oil for sure. I found a lot of big table with graphs that had all kinds of ratios and measurements and to me it was all just all a jumbled up mess that I could not understand.

After asking a few people I was even more confused than ever I found out there was a special oil to use not the regular kind you use in your car. At this point I decided if I have to learn all of this I might as well share what I have learned. I can only hope I can save a few head aches along the way. In my mind I had some oil and gas so no brainer mix them together there you go! I was WRONG Ladies!! It is not quite that simple but close.

Here are some instructions I put together out of pure frustration after reading way to many instructions I couldn't understand. I hope this helps you guys out because it took me so many pages of reading to learn that it is really easy but for some reason everyone makes it sound so hard. I really don't know why hah hah. Here it is ladies. If you are a guy that needs this information I am sorry no offense this information is for you as well.

You Can Buy it At the Discount Stores

It is a very common product and can be found at any discount store, Dollar Store or Walmart. I did not know it was called 2 stroke oil so without further a due the oil for weed eaters is called 2 stroke oil. 50:1 or 2 stroke 30:1 check with the manufacture if you are not sure what ratio to use.

1. Simply go on Google and look up the name of your weed eater and search for 2 stroke oil to gas ratio or mixture.

2. Now using a 1 gallon gas can get 1 gallon of gas then buy your 2 stroke oil it comes in a small container much smaller than normal oil sized containers.

3. Now mix your small container of 2 stoke oil in with your 1 gallon of gas.

4. Gently mix the mixture back and forth take care not to spill the gas as you gently mix it together.

5. Fill your weed eater with your 2 stroke gas and oil mixture. You are all set to get those weeds out of your yard. It's that simple. Happy weed eating! I hope this helps :)

How to Mix Weed Eater Gas & Oil

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

That is a very informative hub and thank you.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

thanks for stopping by & you are very welcome.

Have a wonderful day :)

David 5 years ago

Oh man. I was really hoping I wasn't going to have to go off to the store and buy anything. I just borrowed the weed eater from a friend and thought I could mix regular motor oil with gas and be good to go. Oh well. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!

Ann 5 years ago

I read the back of the oil container and was perplexed. Then called my husband. He went through the ratios and went through how many oz to a cup and how many qts to a gal. and so on and on and on. Then he said 1 thing of oil to one gal of gas and I cracked up!!! Then I decided to look online and Thank You very much. Gosh- who put those instructions on the oil container. I still do not know what the 16 means when they say 16/1 Makes no sense to me.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 4 years ago from USA Author

lol this is exactly why I decided to write this hub. My hub did the very same thing & after a half hour conversation on the dos & don'ts of weed eater gas & oil mixes he left me with a look of confusion, fear & horror on my face. Then I went to the net to look up information & it was just as crazy as talking to him hah hah. Glad I could help others. Have a great day!

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