How to Purchase a Rolling Jack

A rolling jack saves time, speeds up work and reduces injuries.  These are
designed to raise the front or rear end of an automobile into the air safely
while service work is preformed.  Many commercial shops use these in pairs,
completely lifting the vehicle for faster service to all four wheels.
There is one thing a purchaser of this labor-saving piece of equipment
needs to do before making an investment.  The investor needs to:
measure between the runway, measure the inside of the jack track and
measure the jack track lip height.

How They Work

These roll along two rails on a 4 post lift until they are in the
right position under the vehicle.  Telescoping arms reach out with the lift
pads.  These pads are meticulously placed under the lift points of each
vehicle.  Lift points are the specially designed reinforced places that allow
vehicle to be raised without damaging the vehicle or any component.  The unique
scissor mechanism on this jack keeps the vehicle level during the lifting and
releasing process so there is no damage from twisting.

What to Look For

The mechanic trusts his body and life to the effective
operation of this mechanical device.  Quality construction shows in the details
like the correctly and smoothly welded surfaces and properly sized and installed
bolts and nuts; the large steel wheels roll freely and evenly along the track;
and the air compressor/ hydraulic power unit works without problems. Once engaged
the locking positions eliminate the hydraulic jack and act like jack stands.
The locking position heights fit the specialized requirements of the shop.  The
unit can handle the loads that will be placed on it.  A strong, powder coated
finish keeps the unit looking good and easy to clean for a long time.  The
manufacture’s warranty should include specific instructions for the jack and
air compressor unit and for care and maintenance.  Any special requirements
increasing the profibility of the enterprise need to be considered.  Commercial
shops may require a low profile style for working on low clearance vehicles
or truck adapters to increase lifting height larger units.  Some jacks are
designed with adapter storage areas for convenient access.

Before Purchasing

A rolling jack is designed to fit a certain style of 4 post
lift.  Making sure the right jack is ordered is easy if these measurements are
taken.  The measurement between the runway is the space the jack needs to work
in.  Most have a maximum width and a minimum width they operate in.  The
measurement of the inside of the jack track is required to make sure the wheels
fit the space, having room to roll freely.  The height of the jack track lip
keeps the wheels on track.  If this height is wrong, the vehicle may not stay
where it was placed, damaging equipment, property and people.

An investment into the right rolling jack makes money for a commercial shop.
Repair work is quicker and easier with fewer problems.  The employees are safer
while working around heavy equipment held in the air.

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N.E. Wright profile image

N.E. Wright 6 years ago from Bronx, NY

Great, and informative Hub.

Thanks for sharing.

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