Driving Tips: How to drive a manual transmission car

What the old people learned stick on

My White Knight 1969 Bug, shifts like a beast
My White Knight 1969 Bug, shifts like a beast

Something everyone with a license should know....

If you are one of the people who have been driving an automatic car since they got their license then chances are that you haven't learned how to drive a manual transmission car, or "stick" as most people say. For some people it's hard to understand how much gas to give it, how much to let off the clutch, how to get going, etc etc. I'll give you a few tips on how to drive stick and hopefully you can go out and learn something new.

First let's talk about how it basically works. When you push in the clutch, the clutch pulls off the transmission and is sitting there freely with no friction. As you release the clutch it closes down onto the gears in the transmission and starts to go because the gears are set in motion based on what gear you put it in with your hand. So think of it as if you have a record spinning and you put your finger on it slightly the record will slow down unless you turn up the speed on the record, and if you push down to hard, it just stops it because you have too much pressure without enough force to keep the record spinning. This is just like your transmission, you need enough force to keep the transmission working while allowing the clutch to sit on it. Lets start with the basics.

A good thing to do before actually starting the vehicle is to play around with the shifter and kinda get a feel on how to put it into the different gears. Make sure the parking brake is on so that you don't roll away. After you get a feel for it, put the car into neutral by moving the stick to the middle of the gears where it feels loose and free. Once there push down on the clutch (make sure the P-Brake is still on) and turn the key until it starts. I recommend you doing this on flat ground so that you don't roll away and it's easier to learn. After the vehicle is started, let go of the clutch and release the parking brake. Take a deep breath and push the clutch in and put the vehicle into first gear while holding the clutch in. Slowly release the clutch and you'll feel the vehicle start to move, once you feel that give it a little bit of gas to keep it from stalling. If you let the clutch out without giving it gas, the car will jerk and buck and then stall out. You want to release the clutch as you are giving it gas so that it equals out. This first part is usually the hardest and a good way to get a feel for it is just to keep practicing letting off the clutch and giving it gas so it moves. When I first learned how to drive stick, I would wait till I could feel the car start to move and then give it gas. After you give it gas it won't be long till you have to shift. You should shift gears around 3000 RPM or before it gets to the red area on your RPM reader. When shifting just push in the clutch all the way and let off the gas. Once you let go of the gas just shift from 1st to 2nd and release the clutch smoothly while giving it gas again. Continue to do so up to however many gears you have. Now comes for the stopping.

Stopping isn't your normal just push on the brake and everything is good. If you vehicle is any gear besides neutral then you have to push in the clutch all the way while you push the brake. If you have the car in a gear while pushing the brake and you stop then the car will jerk and buck and then stall out and you will look like a fool as you sit there at a stop light and have to turn your car back on. So when coming to stop just push in the clutch and hit the brake if you are in gear, or you can just put it in neutral and put on the brake. If the vehicle is in neutral then you can put the brake on without having to put in the clutch, this is because there is no gear for the clutch to rub up against and stall out on if it is in neutral. Another way of slowing down is to downshift, to downshift just put the car into a gear that is lower then what you're in, i.e. if you are in 4th then put it in 3rd gear. After it's in gear just slowly release the clutch. The RPMs will go up more so but you will slow down a little without putting on the brake. All you have to do is put it in a lower gear then slowly let off the clutch and the vehicle will start to change gears and slow down. This can be hard to get used to, so I don't recommend it to new stick drivers.

So there you have it, you now know how to drive stick...kinda. Just remember to give out equal gas to clutch pressure and put in the clutch when stopping. Getting to get going is the hardest part because that requires the most attention. Once you get going it's really just simple because all you do is switch gears and hit the gas. After driving stick for a while you'll find that it is a lot more fun to drive at times. When you have a fun small sports car it can be really fun because you can accelerate quicker and more precise that way. Also a lot of times you forget you're driving stick because it becomes so natural. I know at times I forget im driving stick and I almost stall because i forget to put in the clutch when i come to a stop. Hope this has been useful. Always wear your seat belt, or else I'll pull the car over.

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jamestedmondson profile image

jamestedmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco

Thanks Dad!

newbie 10 years ago

very good article! it helped me out some!!!!!


diablo 10 years ago

hey there nice car

good tips i think i will try them have practice and find easy to do

diablo 10 years ago

hey there nice car

good tips i think i will try them have practice and find easy to do

CK 10 years ago

Have my first lesson tonight. Thanks - that was very clear and helpful. Oh and nice car!

David mcpherson 10 years ago

Thank you soo much,i found that very helpful,im after doing 5 lessons,and have stalled on nearly every occasion,especially at junctions.The part im finding very difficult is the hill start any tips there.

adam 10 years ago


Adam 10 years ago

That "AMERICAN P.O.S." puts out over 500 hp at the wheels. Do some research before making the claim that your not-even-200-hp civic would "BURN THAT."


P.S. - I have nothing against ricers; I own a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR. But I am for a well presented argument.

quietnaturegirl 9 years ago

Great article! I agree that everyone should know how to drive a stick. Schools should offer a follow-up course to drivers ed. Maybe make it manditory.

Kouki 9 years ago

You shouldn't under estimate Imports like that, if tuned right some cars can easily go 500hp+

P.S -Muscle cars can't corner for sh*t.

Nsr 9 years ago

Just a big thank you from kuwait bro.. thanks a lot for the article..i have my lesson in 2 days and im glad i read this.. i was really worried and i really want to drive a stick im getting a Ford Mustang 2005 GT or a Shelby GT500 2005 if i had the money by then..thanks again

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 9 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

cool, i work at a Ford dealership and the mustangs do kick ass now. Wasn't liking the old ones, they looked ugly and drove funny. The news though drive really nice and they feel like a muscle car.

Randy 9 years ago


I just bought a 2007 Mustang GT, and it's a stick. Hope your article will help, because I'm definitely going to practice what I read. Thanks Randy

dannyP 9 years ago

Im british and i love old american muscle cars more than other crap like honda's and small european cars we have, so what if they cant turn corners, they were meant to be drove in the states where there are no corners

Tom K 9 years ago

I'm also british, and just passed my test on a stick shift toyota, in manchester. I didn't know if people really drive stick shit cars in america, so I was having a look, and read your article. To be honest, I hate ricers, they just make me think."get a real car!", and all the best acrs around here are american muscle imports. at the moment, i'm driving a horrid little fiat seicento....*sigh*, but i aspire to someday own a shelby, who cares about corners?

djdude 9 years ago

sexy times.XP well, i'm a self-taught stick driver thanks to you and other manual driving-related articles. good time.=D

Michael Reid 9 years ago

Well sayed! Now i understand.

-thanks man

Paul 9 years ago

I like this post! It's always great to learn something new!

Monica 9 years ago

It's great! It really helped me!

Hank 9 years ago

Thanks! I wish more people knew that!

Kayode 9 years ago

Thanks so much m8, im just learning to drive manual and the car i drove stall many times today at the traffic because I didn't put enough gas and i suddenly release leg of clutch, but anyway this Tutorial or Article whatever you wanna call it help me a lot and give me ideas of how to get going and how not to stall again. Once again thanx m8.

Davis 9 years ago

I like this post! I learned something new!

Adam 9 years ago

Nice post! It's always great to learn something new!

george 9 years ago

thanks for the article...it'll help me during my practice...thanks

shelbydude 9 years ago

eleanor wil kick ricers asses

1st timer 9 years ago

I have read the article, now its time to practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!

highperformance profile image

highperformance 9 years ago

a useful resource, thanks for sharing

gooadam profile image

gooadam 9 years ago from san mateo

What about "feathering" the gas for burnouts? What about "J" turns, drifting, launching, and power shifting? I have a 96 mustang GT that I have added a bunch to in order to get it to 300hp. A stick allows you to do so much more than an automatic. I was hoping for more performance technique from someone who loves the old gt500 shelby. My motto is to "Drive it like it was stolen!"

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 9 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

yeah, i wasn't really going for that, a lot of people dont know how to drive a stick, so i'd rather tell people how to drive a stick safely, rather then thinking they are in the movie Gone in 60 seconds

cali girl 9 years ago

i drive a mustang gt 96 stick shift its the best im a girl and a lot of people would trip telling me i was going to endanger everyone in the road that i wouldn't be able to handle the car but i proved them wrong and trully it takes patience to learn and its always good to understand how things work and always remember to use ur e-brake when parking your car or else it might roll away lol

sgc.astronot 9 years ago

thanks. well said. now i can express to my girlfriend what i've been trying to teach her. very helpful. nice ride.

sgc.astronot 9 years ago

ummmm.. "a lot." two words. you won't learn that in drivers ed.

Dave_Turley 9 years ago

Here in the UK most people learn how to use a manual gearbox or "stick shift" as 99% of the cars here are manual.

dave 9 years ago

Just to correct a few things: You should NOT declutch while you are braking, until the car has almost stopped and reached about 1000rpm. Not only is 'riding the clutch' dangerous, especially on slippery/wet roads and downhill gradients, it will wear out your clutch assembly in no time, and it's a very expensive repair.

Someone 9 years ago

To the above most cars in America are automatic, anyway thanks for the help as I plan to start driving manual this summer.

SN95.0 9 years ago

Good lookin out on the aritlce. This will help me i when I get my Mustang GT 2morrow!

SN95.0 9 years ago

I mean article. Sorry bout that!LOL

Kaylee 9 years ago

I'm a girl. I drive shift, and I didn't need your silly article to teach me :) Man, I'm good ;)

big D 9 years ago

i have a renault clio sports, before starting driving lessons and your tips have gave me great cofidence in driving, thanks a lot.

you would have a lot of success if you had a carreer in driving instructing.

thanks from big D

kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

My driving teacher sucked. One day I'll master manual but for now I just stick to auto. Good hub, man.



ESCO90 9 years ago

This was a good article, and when I finaly get my car I know what type to buy. Thanks.

hubber profile image

hubber 9 years ago from San Mateo

Awesome Article Mate!

An what a ride!

bookwise profile image

bookwise 9 years ago from Marinette

My first car had stick... I never learned how to operate it correctly and finally gave up and sold it. I don't think I want to go through that again. But if I ever do, I will come back to your awesome hub for help. Thanks!

linmac profile image

linmac 9 years ago from NE Scotland

I've never driven an automatic...would find it confusing. I drive an Audi A3 sport with a 'stick' shift but then most of us in the UK have manuals:-)

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

Wow, that made sense :)

Stick71 9 years ago

Great info. I also would like to add that when driving stick, beside the red light or STOP sign which you normally would bring the gear to neutral at a stop, remember to always use 2nd gear when making a turn. If you are in the 1st gear the car will jerk forward (depending on your speed) and it's not a good feeling (trust me). If you are in the 3rd or more then you are turning too fast (unless you are Dale Earnhardt Jr. This also applies to those who are on two wheels (unless you think you are Ben Bostrom).

Cobalt SS 9 years ago

That article on driving stick was very helpful, I only drove stick a couple of times and I just got a new car in stick and now I have a better understanding of driving stick.

Misha profile image

Misha 9 years ago from DC Area


LOL, I have a series of articles on the topic (not on the Hubpages), but you made it really short and sweet. Good work!

Regards, Misha

kerri 9 years ago

hey.. thanks for this article. ive been lookin up things that give you something on how 2 drive stick shift. im gettin a mustang for my b-day so i just thought id look something up b4 i tried driving it for the 1st time. now i understand how it all works and things like that. thank a lot! :D

Education Articles 9 years ago

Great hub page, this has got to be one of the simplest explanations of what many find to be a very difficult and complicated topic. - Thanks, Paul

Akinlabi Adewuyi 9 years ago

It is a good one because I followed your instructions and it worked.

JamesSchramko profile image

JamesSchramko 8 years ago from Sydney

awesome car!

Joshua J 8 years ago

Thanks sooo.. much this helped me out a tons! I was looking everywhere for something as helpful as this! Thnx dude

SET 8 years ago

Good article. Going for my tests, I hope to apply to one or two i picked up from here. Keep it up!!!!!

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Manual transmission is great after some time, when you get used to it. I especially like it on the countryside roads or on the narrow mountain roads in Europe. On straight roads, wide roads or in the city I prefer automatic.

ElizabethParker25 8 years ago

Thanks! Very informative hub! I prefer manual cars to automatic ones. Somehow, my right foot always looks for the clutch.

Elizabeth P.

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rowie 8 years ago

very good advice i will print off and read over lots i need to get going in our manual car soon after driving an automatic for nearly 11 years.thankyou.

Saevel 8 years ago

Thanks for the tip. I hope it helps be i needt to keep the tires from spinning the car has a lot of power. Thats the only mustang i like the new ones are girl cars. Trans Ams are where its at I own 2.

Anders 8 years ago

I'ts kind of sad americans don't use manual transmission to very much extent..

I personaly have never driven an automatic, the thought of it is just... Dull :<

Stick shift is not hard, it's fun, and an automatic gearbox can never anticipate what YOU are going to do next. Only you can.

chloesdad profile image

chloesdad 8 years ago from Newington NH

Great hub! I miss having a stick shift myself as my wife can't drive one and we only have 1 car. Ah, someday I will have one again!

Clayton 8 years ago

I wonder what you people gonna say about my TATA indica hatch.

sarah 7 years ago

who drives a car to drive in traffic ? just get up earlier to go to work, miss the traffic and drive the car so its more fun. you can even take the long way to work :P i know this doesn't work everywhere but in some places it will. in traffic get angry at the traffic not the manual transmission. manual transmission is the most fun for when you get to drive the car. and driving the car is the whole point of a car and a manual transmission. recommend manual transmission all the way.

sarah 7 years ago

very well explained.its very informative.a big thanks to u bro.

iam happy i've found this article.i hav a test drive very soon

jay(DK) 7 years ago

nice one bro see you on the starter line with our muscle and my let see sk,dk(speed king, drift king)

Zach 7 years ago

I didn't really need this article but I thought I would look up some tips for manual driving as I mainly taught myself. I recently bought my first car, a 2001 Acura Integra LS (with mods). I think I've inheirited genes from two very good drivers, but the first time I test drove it, I killed it a million times (I drove it for about an hour). It has a 6 puck clutch which is apparently much harder to drive than a regular clutch. But the second time I drove it (right after I bought it), I had a lot less trouble driving it. I can now drive it pretty much without killing it at all, and I've only driven it 3 times as of today. I recommend manual ALL THE WAY. I'd rather drive my little import than my mom's 36 thousand dollar Toyota Avalon Limited. I absolutely love the feel of being in complete control of the car. I'd like to see everyone learn how to drive stick, regardless of how long it takes you to learn how. I guess I'm lucky to have a talent for driving them lol but it's the most fun I've ever had driving. After a bit I got bored of driving an Automatic because I got to the point (after less than a year of driving) where I could do a million things at the same time as driving because I got bored of it. I've finally discovered something new! STICK FTW.

p.s. I don't care what you say about imports :P I love my car.

Rowland II 7 years ago

i'm currently in my 3rd day in driving school and believe me i was scared shhtless. i am being taught on an old, modified beetle bug and in a lot of ways it has been fun. at first par, what i noticed was that the clutch was hard while the steering and gas were so soft (especially the gas). i stalled twice and that was because i hadn't learnt how to balance the clutch to gas equation. well to my surprise (and after a little prayer to God to take control on the third day) i finally synchronised perfectly and it was so much fun. in my excitement i stalled once, crossed a busy t-junction perfectly, navigated a stretch of bad road with my clutch only and parked. WOWW!!! and to make it even more interesting and a blessing, i came across your article and its been a tremendous source of inspiration, morale booster and support. i feel like driving a mack truck and a lamborghini embolado together. your article rocks man. thanks a milli.

soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Nice article. I have driven in USA often and offcourse automatic cars. Now I have to drive in India and am learning stick shift. Your article will help a lot. Thanks a lot.


Timothy Potts 7 years ago

I been reading your comments, I find it funny how most of you people overseas think WE canadians and americans drive automatics, i thought that overseas most folks drove auto, im just a new driver (15 is when us folks here in saskatchewan can get their learner licence) learning standard, and i hate stalling but my folks say ill get the jist of it in time, sure hope so :-) Me personally im not into muscle cars Im into pick up trucks and antique vehicles...

RS 7 years ago

Thanks i have my first lesson today and these instructions where very clear and easy to understand, thank you

Sherwood SUCKS! 7 years ago

Thanks, It was very easy to understand and very easy to follow. I had my Lesson about 2 days ago and I hated it stalling. But thanks to these instructions I finally got it going and got my Licence thanks to this Article. Think you can let me post it on my Blog?

Ve L. 7 years ago

THIS IS AWESOME!! my dad took the only automatic we own down to washington for two weeks and left me with my new old jeep after a two hour lesson. This site really helped me out, double checking that i won't tear up the clutch or stall on a hill. I've come to realize that a manuel transmission is sooo much easier to drive on ice than an automatic!

karmicfilly profile image

karmicfilly 7 years ago from Franklin, TN

I bought a manual transmission Mazda Miata without knowing how to drive one. It was a fun experience learning to drive "Lucy". It is now my favorite thing to do. When the sun is out, drop the top and zip around country roads and pretend I am 16 years old with the music blasting. Now that's fun.

Novak  7 years ago

I guess if you want to get top performance out of a car, manual transmission is the way to go. I like the fact that my girlfriend can't drive a stick... it means she can't touch my car!

Mark Patton 6 years ago

My father insisted that I learn to drive with a manual transmission car. I am happy he did. There is nothing like driving one fast and being able to control your speed through shifting down. I plan to teach my children how to drive a manual car when they are ready.

Indian 6 years ago

Thanks so much..its highly appreciated!! I am a beginner * this will definitely help me drive better.

Matt Janzen 6 years ago

I started with automatic until I got the ropes, but now I'm thinking of swapping to manual. It will feel more like "driving" when I have more control of the car. Thinking of buying a Japanese model for myself -- partially inspired by the AE86 in Initial D too lol. I can't afford a very fancy car, but I'd still like an FR.

I'll take this advice to heart, thx.

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 6 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

glad to see this hub still kicking. Crazy it started 4 years ago when hub pages started. Thanks to all

Samantha 6 years ago

How can I learn not to HATE driving a manual car? Me and my finace live together and share a car, which is manual. the times i do need to go somwhere i take the bus because driving a manual car makes me so nervous i want to cry. I have had my lisence for 7 years now and i drive automatic just fine. I honestly dont get the point of clutch and break and gears and when i panic i just slam the breaks so i can stall, that is my happy place when i drive. Another thing i do a lot is burnouts at every red light, it's embarrasing. :( how can i actualy enjoy driving manual? i read the comments and all of you seem to love driving stick better than automatic. Maybe if i read your reasons of your choice ill get insipired too

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 6 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Samantha, I used to be just like you honestly. I first started driving stick I would stall, burn out, or just forget what to do and mess up. The only way you are going to get better is just practice. After i got rid of my manual car I drove an automatic Honda and it was fine. After a couple of years I got a 69 Bug for a project car and it is only stick. Now that i drive it almost every day and now its like I dont even notice. It is just a matter of time and practice. Driving stick is like a balance act, you always have to have a certain amount of gas, and a certain amount of clutch. Just find the balance and the rest is easy. Starting is the worst part, changing gears while driving isn't hard to do once you get going. GL

Dominik 6 years ago

Automatic is just boring! Let's face it, it is the truth!

Tom 6 years ago

Driving Manual is very simple, just need to love it!

Motoring Guides 6 years ago

Driving well definitely saves fuel, whether it is gas or something else. Given tips are really useful for effective driving and fuel saving. Thanks for sharing.

kukushka 6 years ago

Me and my husband, we have just got a new Toyota Matrix which is manual (!) I got my license on stick, but never drove one. My husband dreamt about a stick after having the automatic for 20 years, but I was not sure. Anyway, he convinced me to buy a stick... And now... after one ride, I have freaked out, just gave up, after killing it 10 times in 1 km!!! Do u think ,guys, is there a hop for me? Coz' it is too late to return the car back to the dealer... frustrating... Do u realy think , anyone can drive a stick, even me?..

kukushka 6 years ago

Btw, all my girlfriends said that I must be insane for buying manual... Very supportive, huh?

Janie 6 years ago

The problem with all these article is that they do NOT give advice on what gear to travel in on highway(5th) and WHEN to gear down as you are slowing from say 100 to an 80 zone. I figure it to be when you reach 70, shift to 4th then 3rd by 50. What do you think?

Austinguy 6 years ago

I miss the stick in my 1975 ragtop Mustang.

Christian 6 years ago

Thanks sooo much bro this hub was really helpful. Im getting my first car and i thought i should start out with a manual transmission since i can drive automatic perfectly. But i would like to know how to drive this on freeway? (speeds,gears,)

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 6 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Janie, good suggestion, I think will be updating this hub soon. Thanks for the input.

Bump 6 years ago

Bump... xD I like what I read O_o

James 6 years ago

I am new to the stick as well. Had driven one years ago but not for long. Well lets just say I have some rust. Just yesterday traded my Auto '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee (damn I loved that money pit), for a Manual 2000 Mazda Protégé gas miser (ugh). So I took it out last night for an hour or so to get the feel for it again. Was a fun experience to say the least. Stalled it a few times burned the clutch a few times etc. Took it to work this morning and stalled it a couple of times again on the way. Drive home was better, didn't stall it at all. But still I was very apprehensive. Called my parents and told them that I was probably going to sell it and get an auto again. My stepfather said bring the car up to me. So I took it over to their house and he said come on, I'll teach you how to drive it. I felt a bit embarassed as I'm 33 and have been driving since I was 16. So we went to an empty parking lot, and after less than 15 mins I was starting without bucking or chirping tires at all, then it was time to leave. The exit from the parking lot to the roadway has a very steep incline, well stalled it again, then burned the clutch and squealed out of there after an SUV pulled right up to my bumper behind me when I was stalled. Stopped on a few hills on the way home where there was no one around to practice. Didn't burn the clutch anymore, stalled it a bunch of times and when I did get it going, it definitely was anything but smooth. So when I got home we have a fairly steep incline exiting our townhouse complex and there is a large circle 1/2 way up where people park. So I backed it up almost to the curb, facing up the hill, and started to practice. After stalling it and chirping tires over about 20 minutes of practicing, (neighbors were laughing at me), I finally got it, backed up and did it again got it again and again and again. I successfully started on a hill smoothly about 10 times in a row without rolling backwards. It's all in knowing exactly where your clutch engages and timing letting the brake off and applying the accelerator the right amount in sync with the clutch engaging the gears. Well let me tell you the boost of confidence it gave me. Now I no longer want sell it and get an auto again, I just want a nicer manual than the Protégé. But all in good time. Practice practice practice that was the key for me. As for Christian's question; From driving on the highway, it seems as though you want to upshift when you reach about 3000-3500 rpms. If you are crusing on the highway in 4th, and you are reving more than 3000, shift to 5th. The protégé feels right when crusing at 2500, so I shift accordingly. Listen to your car, and some commen sense will tell you when you have to shift. I believe some newer cars have an indicator light that tells you when, and I believe it comes on at around 3000 rpm or so. I hope that this little write up on my experience as a new again stick shift driver gives whomever reading it some insight and confidence. If an old dog like me can teach himself,(pretty much),to drive one, so can you.

Aslam Azad 6 years ago

The easiest way to start ur manual gear car is , u have to hold the clutch still just when it stars aheading forward for 2 or three second. Thts all. it will give a noticable sound. And belive me at this low speed clutch will face no harm.It is better for some cars specially powerfull cars to march at 2nd gear. but one thing i m confused abt, is it better to engage clutch while breaking at high speed?This will reduce the breaking time, pressure on break system and Engine. But it fells loosing controll nd really nt necessary. Can u help me abt this?

sweetness 6 years ago

Vroom Vroom!!! That's what I heard when I went in my mum's car and started it. Still crashed into a tree! I forgot to put the gas on.

Matt 6 years ago

Just started driving on an '88 BMW 3 series. Never drove stick before but it was pretty easy to learn. Never thought of putting it in neutral for stops. I normally just disengage the clutch until I'm stopped then put it in first without engaging til I go

6 years ago

Excellent tips...helped me a lot !!

"μεÏαÏειÏιÏμενα αÏÏοκινηÏα" 5 years ago

I started my driving lesson a few months ago because my mother give a "μεÏαÏειÏιÏμενα αÏÏοκινηÏα" .I had a hard time but somehow i enjoyed it. The tip was helpful and relevant to me.


μεταχειρισμενα αυτοκινητα 5 years ago

i just buy a used car (?????????????? ??????????)and im so excited to drive and looking at your hub gives me tips on my journey..LOlzz..This would be a great help especially for as newbies in driving.

Manuals 5 years ago

Very informative, nice one. Keep up the good work...

Seamus 5 years ago

Thanks sounds useful I'll try it next time I just got out of the car I've learned on an automatic and so I was looking for some help to help me figure out the clutch thingy... I kept killing the car lol

umar 5 years ago

Excellent stuff as i start learning manual transmission car and that's helps a lot a superb piece thanls

JC 5 years ago

Good article. I just started driving my car yesterday and it's a little tricky getting used to. Although I have a decent handle on shifting I find that shifting into second can be jerky while shifting into third, fourth and fifth is smooth as butter on my 2003 sunfire. Anybody have any suggestions for a smoother transition into second? Maybe shift at a lower RPM? Slower clutch release?

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 5 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Usually having a smoother clutch release will make a smoother shift. Also try not and change your rpm too much in the middle of the shift and stay around 2k.

adnan shahidullah 5 years ago

today was my 7th day at driving school, and me still strugling with the cluth , Gas balance, anybody give a clear and easy tip...

your article is great

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 5 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Do you have problems with shifting smoothly or stalling. You just have to know when it give it what and do it like you are slowly taping your foot, slow with even motion down. If you don't do it even then you jerk and it starts to throw everything off.

JC 5 years ago

Thanx for the reply JDawg. I got a better handle on it now. I experimented at different RPMs when going into 2nd and it seems 1750-2000~ is the best. Going into 3rd, 4th, and 5th seems to be a lot more versatile....like I could even whine it up to 4000 in 2nd and still shift smooth into 3rd (although I generally shift lower cuz I'm not much of a show off)

I also found that revving up to around 3000 then clutching, shifting but not releasing the clutch for a second or two helps for a smoother transition. This gives the RPMs a chance to wind down before I release the clutch.

So I got the hang of it pretty good, now I gotta work on judging when to properly downshift and what gear to choose. Sometimes I end up choosing the wrong one and end up revving to like 3500 which makes the car jump forward a bit and feels like it's hard on the transmission.

But I ramble to much. Thanx again JDawg :)

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 5 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

No problem. First time i drove stick my face met the horn a few times. Always fun.

Ty 5 years ago

Man that's a great article, I like how you just gave the facts- helped me quite a bit!


YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 5 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Kew. Glad I could help. What are you driving ?

dalton 4 years ago

Omg im buying a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Oz rally edition with cold air intake, dual catback exhaust and a stabilizer bar as welll as many others. I used to be an express lube tech at toyota and learned briefly how to drive manuals aroujnd in 1st or 2nd but never owned one. Going to get it tonite wish me luck. Reading this helped cuz i always get the gas to clutch ratio wrong and kill it coming out of a stop

YoJDawg profile image

YoJDawg 4 years ago from Arroyo Grande Author

Be safe and good luck

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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