How to Charge a Dead Car Battery - 3 Tips to Recharge a Car Battery.

Once you learn that your car battery is dead, it can be a Hugh inconvenience. It can as well can mean you're going to have to spend some money on the tow or the jump and the cost of a new battery to top it all. In this article I'm going to talk about how to charge a dead car battery and these 3 tips that will help you to save some money on charging the battery of your car instead of paying the for a costly tow and the roadside service. So, just take a look at the following tips.

>>> First off, you're going to need to find your car battery charger. You can just borrow it or buy one. A handy little device know as a Battery Tender is probably all your going to need and you can get one for less than $30 bucks. Really, a real fast charge isn't really required. Dead car batteries tend to charge better with the slow trickle charge. Just open the hood on your car and then find the battery.

It's usually located right up front on the left or right side, some have their terminals on the top and some are on the side. If you find that the terminals are filthy or corroded, you need to clean them.

After that, you need to see if the charger alligator clamps will fit in onto the battery terminals without removing the battery if you find that you can connect the charger clamps then you do not need to remove the battery.

>>> Secondly, once you have cleaned the battery terminals and removed it [only if you have to] make sure you place it on some scrape plywood, you should never put it on bare concrete. If the terminals are on the side, there's no need to panic.

Just about all auto parts usually carry adapters which screw in, the worst case a bolt with the same thread that can be used. You have to make certain that your charger is turned off then plug it in. Next, you connect negative[-] [black] lead to negative terminal and positive [+] [red] lead to positive terminal. Now set the charger setting to low or the lowest amp setting.

>>> And thirdly, once your certain the battery is charged...You can use a multimeter, than you can put the battery back into the. You should be sure you remove any adapters that you installed. You should also clean the inside of the battery cables also. After that, you can connect negative [-] [black] lead to negative terminal and the positive lead [+] [red]to the positive.


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