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General Motors Car Design Studio is opened for Public

Vehicle market is experiencing more changes than the vehicles themselves. Car manufacturers are fuming their heads on how to manufacture cars in accordance to the customers needs & interests. The era of owning any car by paying a huge price has gone. There is a variety of models available in accordance to the taste of each & every customer. In this situation, if manufacturers can survive only if they develop vehicles keeping the customer in mind.

General Motors is starting a new trial to understand the interests of the customer. GM has decided to start including the general public also in the design of their new vehicles. The car manufacturer is trying to bring the design studio itself among the people.

Vehicle Design
Vehicle Design
How to get an internship in car design
How to get an internship in car design

How to Design Your Own Vehicle

GM has already started a lab for this purpose. The website is named 'The Lab' . ‘GM is looking for your valuable suggestions’ is the message that welcomes the viewers in this website. Don’t misunderstand this website is to be fully filled with suggestions .

The news, new ideas & features of various cars being designed by the company is available in this website. The facts about the scientific technology being used in the cars is also available. It is also possible to let the manufacturer know whether the features in the new car being designed is acceptable by you (i.e. the customer) or if you need any other changes to be made. According to GM officials , ‘The lab’ is a stage for the public to freely discuss their ideas with vehicle designers .

Most of the car designers keep the design of their upcoming models a secret. But by giving all the information to the customers, GM claims that it is going to pave way for a revolutionary beginning. We can become involved in the GM car design using iPhone also. The company is trying to invite customers to the drafting board of designers.

GM Design Internship -How to get an internship in car design

Why General Motors Car Design Studios is opened for public?

GM believes that through their website they can receive more information than through researches & surveys. Lots of people have already shared their needs & ideas through ‘The Lab’ website. Company reveals that there has been a lot of criticism on the features of the existing projects. In their first stage GM is involving the people in the design of a car and a truck.

Company claims that the glass boundaries of the GM design studio has been demolished. General public can now become partners in the designing of vehicles. Don’t think that the GM public participation initiatives have ended here. After it has been manufactured the company claims that it will dedicate the vehicle in front of the public before releasing it for sales. Vehicles will be released for sales only after changes has been made according to the public’s needs.

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Gary Weaver 5 years ago

I was thinking of a way to appeal to the " boomers" who are now entering into their mid-60s. Some of this you'll think of as a "lark". I suppose it is partially, for a laugh. First we'll call it a Gerierro (as in geriatric and Camaro). First a bench seat, getting out of a bucket seat after age 60 is very hard to do. Three speed on the "post" like in the 60's. A rubber bumper that goes all the way around the car ( at bumper height at midway up the doors). This would be about 4 inches thick; 10 inches in height and the same color as the vehicle. When backing up the taillights flash "SENIOR" and the "beeper"; like heavy equipment and garbage trucks use. All gauges and, dials with large numbers on the inside of the vehicle; i.e. the radio no digital designs at all. Of course it would have to look like a 68' Camaro. A smaller engine to accommodate for the weight gain of the rubber bumper...besides we are on fixed incomes so we would want excellent gas mileage. We want to leave a livable planet for our grandchildren.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Gary,

Your comment is really appreciable. You think a lot about future and this is what others should try to follow. Thanks for commenting on my hub.

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