Increase MPG and engine life

Whether buying a new car or wanting to improve a car that you already own, these tips I have listed will look at mpg`s(how to maximize) and basic maintenance. First off it doesn't matter what kind of car you own.

I can say that if you own a foreign car than shame on you. With our economy in the craper you will send about $15,000 overseas but thats for another blog...... Lets focus on the topic at hand.


First we will look at mpg`s, something thats on almost everyones mind. Here are a few ways to maximize your fuel economy. One way that should go without saying is simply to keep your foot out of the accelerator. We all know this works and yes I am aware of how much fun it is to hot rod around, but you will pay for it. Try to take off slow and when you reach your speed, cruise control is your best friend. Also try to coast down hills instead of driving down them, it sound stupid but you would be surprised as to how much more gas you use when you keep that gas pedal down.


One other great way to kill the oil giants is acitone, yes acitone. Many people dont know this and its something that I just recently found out myself. Just 6 onces of acitone in 10 gallons of gas will add (not can add, will add) 2-3 miles per gallon. Small victories is the name of the game here, so lets look at another way to gain a little more. Have you ever heard of magnetic fuel therypy, well it works but its important to put them on the right way. Magnets when put on the gas line straighten out the molecules of the feul. You see gas is like a bunch of flys on poop, just a mass of tiny little specs getting dumped onto your engine burning way more than is neccesary, but add a magnet and it lines them all up like ants marching into your picinic basket. I know i was kind of rambleing there but you get the idea.


The other way you can cut feul use is a h.o.d system. What is h.o.d? hydrogen on demand. What am i talking about? Well its not anything new, but its very unheard of mostly because of the oil giants. Its a really simple system to make and install allthough i have not yet made one i have the specs and how to`s and will cover this in another blog so keep an eye out for it.


Now lets talk about maintenance; starting with oil changes, don't ignore this all to important task. Keeping clean oil and filter is vital to engine performance and longevity. The previous mentioned h.o.d. system will also help aid in this by extending your oil life and keeping your engine crystal clear, which saves money, adds horsepower and mpg's.


This is easily over looked and ignored, but consider that each time you get gas, if you check your tire pressure and adjust it according to the recommended psi, you could gain an estimated 2 miles per gallon. All that for the price of a $2 tire pressure gauge at any gas station or auto parts store.


Keep in mind that your air filter and pcv valve are very important members of your engines operations. As far as pcv valves go, follow your manufacturers recommended intervals for changing this valve. It will save you alot of trouble and money in the long run. Air filters are slightly more forgiving. Your manufacturer will give you a recommended mileage as to when to change this filter. However, if you pull it out and look at it or have your service center check it for you, you may find that it doesn't need to replaced as often as recommended. It depends air conditions where you drive, for ex. gravel roads, construction zones, or off road driving etc. If it is dirty when you check it, you should definetely replace it and not push it off for later.

If you do all of these tips that I have listed and keep a close eye on your vehicles "health" the rewards are better fuel economy, more money in your pocket and increased engine life. I used to have a 1999 dodge ram truck that had almost 330,000mi. on it and still ran great. All because it was taken care of. Unfortunately it was totaled in an accident (that was not my fault) and yes I'm o.k. :)

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