Infant Car Seat Covers For Your Precious

One of first purchase for new parents is often the infant car seat. Parents buy the baby car seat so that they are able to bring the baby back from the hospital after delivery. As parents, we will spare no amount of money just to get the best infant car seat for our bundle of joy. Many a times, the infant car seat will be a serious purchase as we would want to give the best protection and comfort to our baby when he or she rides in the family car especially on the first trip home from the hospital.

Spillage on Your Baby Car Seat

After buying the infant car seat, we will start to ponder about how to clean the car seat should there be any spillage or if the baby diapers fail to work that day. How do we actually wash the infant car seat? Well we don’t. Most parents will buy additional infant car seat covers so that they can protect the original car seat covers which are often fixed onto the seat by several buckles. It is very cumbersome to remove the original covers as it typically is wrapped around the plastic parts. Additional car seat covers solve the problem as we can easily remove the covers without even removing the car seat from the car. This will allow the washing of the car seat covers when the infant car seat covers are dirtied. This will happen often especially during the baby’s first year.

Choose From The Best

Buying an infant car seat cover is also a fashion statement. The original car seat covers are often designs that you see in everyone’s cars. Fashionista parents will want to show off their individual style and would not want to be seen with the same car seat covers’ pattern as the next couple. You can always find a variety of covers from the companies that manufacture the car seat. Graco, Britex, Primo Viaggio, Recaro and Peg Perego are some of the brand names you may have heard of. You can also find third party designers who will design some unique designs for the branded infant car seats. That way, you get to really show off your car seat.

The design of the car seat covers in terms of how easily it allows you to remove and attach onto the car seat itself is also a factor. You should find a car seat cover that allows you to attach the cover without removing the passenger seat belt that is securing the car seat. This will be useful when you need to change the car seat cover on the road side after a nasty spillage by the baby. You would not want to balance the baby while you change the covers on the road side with cars zooming behind you. Convenience is the key.

Breathable Materials

When you purchase a new baby seat cover, especially if you are not buying from a specialist baby car seat manufacturer like some of the names listed above, you need to be extra careful about the material being used. Companies like Graco or Britex are aware of the need for hypoallergenic and also breathable materials. New infants are easily sensitive to materials that can cause irritation and also allergies, and the car seat covers will be in contact with the baby’s body throughout the journey. Rashes can occur if you use the wrong type of material.

A breathable material for infant car seat is paramount. I see this as one of the key factors for my selection for the covers and even the actual car seat itself. This is because the baby tends to roll his or her head to the side and fall asleep with the face down on the seat itself. Reason for this is that the baby would not have developed the neck muscles until at least 3 months and suffocation is a definite risk. Even after the third month, I would still recommend using breathable materials for the car seat and other toys or furniture that gets in contact with the infant.

Buying an infant car seat can be a fun activity and being able to interchange the car seat covers will add to the fun and excitement as you await the arrival of the baby. Have fun!

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ohh cool Mrs Minnie Moo! you got really unique designs.

Thanks for this hub as well

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hi there, I love this blog because it's everything I work very hard for. I designed and made the first Minnie Moo, Infant Car Seat Cover...for just thease

Novelty Car Seat Cover in Cow Print, Cotton, breathable, refreshes a car seat....very fun.

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