Automotive Floor Jacks

Automotive floor jacks are basic hydraulic systems that are used for the
purpose of lifting automobiles, usually for personal use. There are floor jacks
available in different configurations for lifting different weights. The normal
range of such jacks is between two and twenty tons. The usage of the jack is
very basic and it is designed to be used by people who are not automotive
experts. The long arm of the jack needs to be pumped in order to
raise the vehicle from the ground. This creates room for a car mechanic to work
beneath the vehicle, or remove the tire or check the braking system if it is
causing trouble.

Different from a Hydraulic Lift

Many people tend to confuse automotive floor jacks with hydraulic lifts. But
these are more more complex devices typically meant for commercial use at car
garages. The lift is necessary to raise the entire vehicle above the ground
when major repairs need to be performed. The floor jack, however, is meant
only for basic tyre change, or some quick under-vehicle checking. A jack is a
convenient tool that can be easily stored in the car’s trunk or at the home,
garage or farmhouse. It is an emergency tool that can be handled easily by the
vehicle owner or driver when a car mechanic is not easily accessible. Jacks
designed for personal use usually come in the range of 2 to 3 tons. But for
larger sized vehicles, a heavier jack is necessary to perform the job.

How to Choose the Right Jack

Ideally, the car owner should have some elementary knowledge about these jacks
in order to choose the right one for his car, both in terms of functionality as
well as budget. Most commonly such a device is a combination of cast and steel
that are welded together to create a powerful lifting mechanical device. This
product comprises a hydraulic pump and cylinder, and has a removable lever to
operate the motion up and down. It is always recommended to buy this kind of a
item from a professional store, or from a reputed brand. The reliability
of the device is important for the safety of the user. A good jack will
have passed various safety tests before being allowed to be sold in the market.
There are several good online retailers as well that sell this item through the

What are Scissor Jacks?

This is a compact, light weight tool that is easy to store and works with
efficiency like a heavy duty jack. Many new vehicles include this product as a
standard accessory. The mechanism of this kind of jack works essentially by
turning the middle bar that raises the car. So the operation here is not of
pushing the bar in up and down motion. The shape of this product is like a
diamond when it is in collapsed condition. It is important to understand that
this is a sensitive device, and the car owner or driver must never get beneath
the vehicle when it is only supported by this tool. If it has been placed
incorrectly, it could result in serious injury.


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