Japanese Custom Scooters

Incredible Modified Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki Scooters From Japan

I have seen tons of custom made motorcycles, but I had never seen a custom scooter until just a few days ago.
These unusual vehicles come from the Land of the Rising Sun, the same people that brought us Godzilla, Harajuku fashion, anime and manga.
You know, sometimes I wonder if Japan has patented strange and unusual things....

Anyway, take a look at some of these scooters in their normal state, then modded and see what you think.

Suzuki Skywave

First we have the Suzuki Skywave, which seems to lend itself quite well to the Japanese custom scooter craze.
Also known as the Suzuki Burgman, this scooter is powered by a 638 cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine and starts out at a little over $6,000.
According to the Suzuki website, only the Burgman 400 ABS and the Burgman 650 are being offered.

A Stock Suzuki Skywave
A Stock Suzuki Skywave
And "Modded" Suzuki Skywaves
And "Modded" Suzuki Skywaves

Honda Forza

The Honda Forza seems to be pretty modification friendly as well.
Even before you customize it, it looks fairly sleek.
The only thing I worry about is how this "low rider" look does in real life.
30 mph + speed bump = ER?

A stock Honda Forza
A stock Honda Forza

Honda Fusion

Another very popular scooter to mod is the Honda CN250 or Fusion.
Heck, the Fusion is popular anyway in just standard mode. It stayed in production in Japan from 1986 to 2009. I can’t find out if it's still going or not.
The Fusion holds a special place in the hearts of Japanese modders.
With aftermarket parts you can lower it, install a full size stereo system, add neon ground effects lighting and add a trippy digital speedometer that displays a change of color in a "rainbow" effect continually.
And that's just a few of your options.

A stock Honda Fusion
A stock Honda Fusion
Yes, that's an Akira mod on a Fusion.
Yes, that's an Akira mod on a Fusion.

KYBELE Cyber Scooter

If you wanna see some heavy mods (and my favorite ones besides the Akira mod) take a look at these scooters called KYBELE cyber scooters, made by Gull Craft.
Yes these Jetson worthy scooters started out as Honda Fusions, but they have had heavy body mods.
The only thing missing is the laser cannons mounted starboard and port.

KYBELE Cyber Scooter
KYBELE Cyber Scooter

Yamaha Maxam CP250

This is the Yamaha Maxam CP250, not a mod, although it did start out as a concept scooter back in 2005.
Even street stock this scooter is pretty sleek.

Yamaha Maxam 3000

This one isn’t a modded scooter either, it's another concept scooter made by Yamaha, showing you how seriously the Japanese take the idea.
I think you could slap a bar of blue lights on it and have the perfect futuristic police pursuit bike for the inner city.

Yamaha Maxam 3000
Yamaha Maxam 3000
Yamaha Maxam 3000
Yamaha Maxam 3000

Yamaha Grand Majesty

Further proving that the companies take the techno scooters seriously, we have another Yamaha, the Yamaha Grand Majesty.

A stock Yamaha Grand Majesty
A stock Yamaha Grand Majesty

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Japanese Custom Scooters Comments 10 comments

Rockerzz 6 years ago

nice hub

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Some of these look like they should be able to fly me to the moon and back! The ones that don't look like they could fly should at least be able to float. (Given the rain we are getting here today, I could use something that could float, BTW...) What an amazing array of machines. One wonders what else they can do to make a scooter look different. I must admit some of them are pretty impressive.

Thanks for a peek at the future of scooters. They are pretty impressive.


sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Rockerzz: Thank you, and thanks for stopping by

Mike Lickteig: I want a KYBELE Cyber Scooter and I want it to make the Jetson car noise when I go by!

John B Badd profile image

John B Badd 6 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

I am not in to scooters but I like that black Skywave a lot. And I was thinking jetson when I saw the Kybele even before I read the description. Very cool hub Saber.

Mahesh Kamal profile image

Mahesh Kamal 6 years ago

Wonderful 32.

AnithaPriya profile image

AnithaPriya 6 years ago

Super 32

Linda MS Enos profile image

Linda MS Enos 6 years ago from Beautiful Manoa Valley

This was another great hubpage to post on my facebook! Great looking gas saving motor-go-go's, Hawaii's gonna love it!

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Linda MS Enos: You are too kind, thank you!

rpthompson profile image

rpthompson 6 years ago

Sleek as heck!

String 4 years ago

Scooters originated very early on in the development of motorcycles generally to address problems that some felt were inherent to common motorcycle design.

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