Dakar Rally - Lisbon Dakar 2008

Euromilhões Lisboa - Dakar 2008

It will start at January the 5th 2008 and once more Lisbon (Lisboa - capital of my country) have been chosen to be the starting point of the major and toughest rally in the world.

The event will end in Dakar, Senegal, by the 20 th after crossing south Portugal, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Year after year the competition it is getting better and the number of participants is growing bigger. The reason for that must be the beauty of the desert and the personal achievement of reaching the end of the rally!

Picture from www.dakar.com
Picture from www.dakar.com

History of the competition

This rally has 28 years of history, it began back in 1978 after Thierry Sabine almost get lost in the Libyan desert while riding his motorcycle (1977). After this Thierry decided that he was going to show the world the beauty of the desert sands.

After all this time people from all over come to race against them selfs and others in one of the 3 types of vehicles allowed: motorbikes, cars and trucks.

It is great that after several editions it were wars and other political problems who have troubled the good relations between the rally and the African populations. I`m glad to see that this 28 years old relationship has now mature and it is now a great partnership.

Paris-Dakar 82

Dakar 2007

Everyone wants to finish in Dakar

The same rally where professionals race them selfs it is the one where you can find "normal" people trying to arrive Dakar but with much less prepared vehicles.

I suppose this is what made the rally became this enormous event.

Unfortunately 2008 Dakar never took place. Check out why:

What is going to happen to the most famous rally in the future?


I grew up watching this Rally and dreaming I was there riding a motorbike or even driving a rally car. Unfortunately I have never had that chance. Who knows maybe I will some day...

Bicycle challenge - Paris-Dakar by Bike

Parallel to the rally has born the idea to make the same but using bicycles (Bike Dreams - Paris/Dakar by Bike).

You may think they are crazy but it is probably the best way to contemplate the great beauties of Africa Nature.

Little FIAT PANDA getting ready for Dakar 2007

The 10th week of the 10 weeks bicycle journey "Paris-Dakar by Bike".

To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle
To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle

Recounting the three weeks of blood, sweat, and tears that make up a 7,000 mile journey from the glitzy streets of Paris to the hinterland of northwestern Africa, this incredible tale highlights the most arduous and notorious off-road motorsports event on the planet, the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Paris Dakar Rally
Paris Dakar Rally

Now you can test your racing skills against a game modeled from the fabled Paris-Dakar Rally, a grueling stage race beginning in Paris and ending in Dakar, Senegal. To win, you'll race through miles of hostile terrain, battle equally hostile weather, and fend off a pack of the fiercest vehicles in the world.

Race to Dakar
Race to Dakar

"The history of the rally and Boorman's own personal experience of this great endurance test makes for an exhilarating read." - Waterstone's Books Quarterly

The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom and Wanderings
The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom and Wanderings

The 25 contributors are talented writers and cartoonists, each with a unique take on bicycling. Whether in critical observation, concern, memorial, fact, or in jest, each story and cartoon is definitely worth a look.


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Abhinaya 9 years ago

All these competitions on desert funride!Thanks for the informative article.:)Is Lisboa portuguese for Lisbon?

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal Author

That´s true and I just remember about some marathons also on desert! lol

And yes, Lisboa is portuguese for Lisbon ;-)

Hoodala profile image

Hoodala 9 years ago from Mesa

Cool Hub. We have desert races like this here in America also, but one of the best is the Baja 1000 held in Mexico. Same kinds of obstacles these guy faced, like cattle in the road, of people strategically placing tree trunks in the road to ruin cars. Lots of fun!

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal Author

Unfortunately there are bad news http://hubpages.com/autos/Dakar-2008-cancelled   :-(

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

It has passed almost a year and I still haven´t understand how could it be possible :(

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 7 years ago

Funride Dude. This was great. It looked like there were mountain bikes and road bikes. Most had small tires though. I'd really like to do that. The bucks would be a problem but it looks fun!

Heat Pump Reviews 6 years ago

Can you point to the smart car that was supposed to run this rally? I am thinking about turning one into a hunting rig.

funride profile image

funride 6 years ago from Portugal Author

I´m sorry, I can´t help you... I know they were Portuguese but have no idea who they are, I never heard about this car again :(

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