Maluch Fiat 126

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 The Fiat 126 is a  2-door sedan. It was produced in Poland under Fiat license for 27 years. It was produced from 1973-2000. The car has great meaning to Poles,it was becoming affordable and began to mobilize polish families.  

 The car was extremely compact, most would say a tight fit. The tiny size earned the Fiat 126 the nickname maluch,("small child" in Polish). This small child would grow up and be Poland's national car which was made within the countries borders. The nickname Maluch became so widespread the car was renamed that officially in 1997.   

Over 3 million models were produced in Poland between 1973 and 2000. The car was a domestic moneymaker and poles were proud to own one. As always individuals made alterations to the car, gave it spoilers, huge wheals, etc. I personally witnessed a maluch made into a motor cycle. in the front was one wheel and in the back was the back end of the car it was quite an intriguing design.


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