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Maxi-Cosi offer a wide range of luxury baby seats. They specialise in complete comfort for your baby whether it be a newborn or a 9 month old. Some of the most popular maxicosi seats include:-

  • Pebble, CabrioFix, FamilyFix, EasyFix, EasyBase 2, Citi SPS.


Having 4 children of my own you can imagine how many different prams, buggys and baby seats I have been through! Through my experience I have found the Maxi-Cosi Carbrio fix to be by far the best baby seat on the market. Why is this? It provides fantastic support, comfort and it is extremely easy to use. Some of the benefits I have found with the product are:

  • Baby seats last from 0kg -13kg roughly 12months. Sometimes you might find yourself going through two or three because they become messy and worn out. If you buy a Maxi-Cosi you will no longer be looking for new ones every 3 or 4 months, and if you keep it in good condition you will be able to pass it on should any more babies be in the picture.
  • Sun shade system. This is really useful, you do not have to worry about the sun coming in and harming your baby. Sun screens are still advised but the car seat gives you extra protection from UV rays and heat.
  • The seats ahve storage compartments where you can place your baby bits. As a new mother you will soon know how important it is to have some storage!
  • Side protection system. Your baby will be completely protected in this car seat, with the unique side protection, giving extra comfort and protection to your baby for a pleasent journey!
  • Covers are easy to wash. There are many car seats available whereby you can wash the covers but usually the results are a little dissapointing. Maxi-Cosi will wash to nearly as good as new and this is a winner.
  • Make sure you buy the Family Fix Base as this base fits both Baby & Toddler seat, so that you can change as and when required. Easy Fix Bases are available and at first are easier to apply, but will only last till your child is 9months old then you will have to purchase another base.
  • Overall use of the product is fantastic.

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