Understanding The Requirements for Missouri SR22 Insurance

Hello there! This article will address many questions I receive from my friends about the different Missouri SR22 Insurance requirements (I have a good friend that’s a lawyer that specializes in cases involving automobile laws). First off, SR22 Insurance is a misnomer because it is not a type of insurance, rather it is a form that must be filed on your behalf by your auto insurance agencies as proof that you have at least the minimum automobile liability coverage required by law. To check which companies are willing to do this for you, click here to visit Missouri car insurance - an online auto insurance site where you can learn more about Missouri SR22 insurance requirements and receive free online quotes.

Q: Will the need to obtain SR22 raise my monthly premium?

A: Not necessarily. Insurance companies will usually charge $15-$25 dollars for filing the form on your behalf but other than that there is no additional charges. However, people that need SR22 forms filed on their behalf usually experience a higher than average premium because the nature of those required to file the form is negative. Each state is different and sets their own requirements, but generally speaking the types of people that have to file SR22 forms are usually: convicted of a serious traffic offense like a DUI, have failed to consistently show proof of carrying the minimum liability insurance policy in the past, or have been the cause of a major traffic accident. Since this is the case, it makes sense that the ‘higher risk’ SR22 drivers usually pay a higher premium than those not require to file an SR22.

Q: Do all auto insurance agencies provide Missouri SR22 Insurance coverage?

A: No, not all car insurance companies will provide people that need to file an SR22 with coverage simply because they do not want to insure people that are viewed as ‘high risk’ drivers. However, you should not be discouraged if shopping around (click here to find Missouri SR22 insurance providers) as there are plenty of companies that will insure you and charge decent rates for an insurance policy.

Q: Why do I need to file an SR22 form?

A: Like stated above, people are sometimes required to file an SR22 form to act as proof that they indeed have auto insurance. Missouri SR22 Insurance is more difficult to obtain than normal car insurance, and having this form filed on your behalf is more for validation that you have a policy more than anything else.

Now that you understand the Missouri SR22 Insurance requirements and how it functions, you will be able to make educated decisions about how much you should be expected to pay for a policy. Be safe and God bless!

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