Moeller M200G Flying Hover Car

I don’t know about you, but I feel that the future has somehow gypped me. I grew up watching The Jetsons and other shows in the future, and they all had one thing in common: flying cars. You know something? I think the Jetsons was supposed to take place in the year 2000, back when we thought that was really far away or something. Even in Back to the Future II, which begins in the year 2015, had hover-converted cars, and this is less than a decade away. Did we think that was plenty of time to manufacture flying cars when this film was first released in 1989?

Fortunately, we are catching up. Paul Moeller, founder of Moeller International, has been trying for forty years to make our autos take flight. His first model, the XM-2, could hover, but not much else. Moeller International is now a company who has become most famous for a red flying car prototype that looks very, very cool. If you haven’t seen it, check out the pic of the M400, modeled after a Harrier jet. Moeller is now developing a disk shaped hovercraft which might do the job just as well.

Moeller International has recently started manufacturing the M200G volantor, which is a hovercraft built for the open market. This machine can fly 10 feet off of the ground with a cruising speed of 50 mph. The M200G has two engines, air-cooled and water-cooled, which are powered by eight Rotapower rotary engines.

Believe it or not, the M200G is not classified as an aircraft, but a recreation device. This means that anyone can operate one, presumably without an FAA license. You had better be prepared to shell out a lot, because rumor has it that these flying saucers are available at about $90,000 to $125,000 each.

There has no official date announced, but something tells me it will take a long time before the skies are filled with these flying saucers. I wonder whether that will be our lifetime, but I’m certain that there would have to be a lot of bureaucratic red tape to cut through before that happens.

In this case, the bureaucracy might be good. Something tells me there are a lot of unintended consequences that will rain down upon us as our automobiles take to the skies. For example, what happens when they break down? You can’t pull over to the side of the road when you’re in the air. Don’t even get me started on air traffic control. A flying car will give you some freedom, but believe me, there will still be roads.

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papercut444 9 years ago

<a href="">Radio Control Cars</a>

horriblehovercars 9 years ago

next time make something seem more realistic

caleb 8 years ago

if it's real, it's realistic

LIL TAE 8 years ago

Cool Cars But You Got Yourself A Handful Trying To Get Those Hovercraft Sold For Such A Large Amount Of Money,How About You Lower The Price To About The Price Of A New Regular Vehicle And You'll Be Gaurunteed To Become The Next Bill Gates!

peter 8 years ago

this is really really cool but not to cool

ashley 8 years ago

i wish i had that

eliane nassif 8 years ago

nice car

kenar  7 years ago

damn dat shit out cold

Nick 7 years ago

Looks like a mini floating spa UFO.



Amelia Walsh 7 years ago

This is cool i want one keep up with the good work.

sick 7 years ago


sick 7 years ago

im awsome

Mike 6 years ago

This is the most impractical concept. It'll never 'fly' as a

high volume consumer product. It will be bought as 'hobby' item and eventually will become a collectible item.

IMAGINE THIS: 2 million of these flying around randomly, no flight plan, 10' off the ground, then add in the the that says 'officer, i wasn't drinking' and then someone has a real mess in the making. Good luck - they'll need it.

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SOLAR383 6 years ago from BRADFORD UK

I love the idea of flying cars - some may say its impossible but how is it? the next geneneration of cars will be governed by sat nav computer pilot so why not same for when flying cars are introduced.

Why arent hover cars in use on roads is due to them being unstable whilst in motion in heavy traffic but that can be overcome - HOW? simply by introducing a cyclone technology flow to the ground to each corner of vehicles underbelly how this will perform doesn't need rocket science to work you have 4 cyclone flow jets facing the ground driven by a single engine housed to front or rear of the vehicle.

CYCLONE HOVER CAR - will prove best to control the vehicle in any traffic this can later lead to flying car with diverting flow outlets to the rear of the cyclone hover car to become flying car..

crk0917 6 years ago

how does it turn?

Mr Childs 6 years ago

Well it’s about time. I’ve been very patient waiting on my flying car. Weren’t these things supposed to be out in the 80’s? Anyways, when they finally make these things, they need to make them more stylish. The one in the picture looks like gremlin with wings. Not very futuristic looking.

tomas torres 6 years ago

good luck paul, may the future force be with you

wingman 5 years ago

well...if the engines fail, you could think of 2 wings folding out so you won't drop like a brick and you can land as a glider or think of a parachute. so, i don't think engine failure will be a big problem. scary, yes. huge problem? no.

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