Amateur Motocross Racing

Get out there and try it- ITS FUN!!

How to get started in motocross racing!

Amateur motocross racing is where the fun begins.Its where the familys really start to bond and the action starts for everyone. I mean everyone because that little racer or big racer is really getting excited! The parents get involved and everyone is very pumped.As a family by now you have made some decisions about the Race bike,Riders gear,and tracks that are looking forward to racing.

Amateur motocross racing is for all ages and abilities.If your kids are 5 yrs old or 20,you will find a safe and competetive class for them to race in. Maybe its not the kids that were talking about here.It could be your self that wants to try your talents against others.Well believe me there are classes for you too.I'm going to get way more involed in ages and classes as we continue this lesson,but for now I just want to paint the picture and get you intrested!

Lets think about having the bikes and gear,and you have picked out that track that looks so cool to race at.Well what's next? The fun begins to build,You pack all your stuff and get up good and early(remember this is all as a family) and travel to that first track.Now you need to find that really cool pit spot.This is where you will unload all your bikes and gear and prepare for the race.You will with out trying make new friends at this point.Your pit neighbors will be helpful and informative.This is also a part of the motocross bonding experience.They will point you into the right directions as for sign ups and other race info!A few sign up forms(which we will talk about later) and its time to get back to the pits to get dressed.

Now if everyones heart is not really beating faster then it will SOON!We have just brushed the surface of what is to come.Family bonding,Making new friends,Traveling,Camping,Cooking,Growing together.There is so must to teach and learn please return for more! There is also more excitement at

Pit Camp comforts.

Wisconsin Motocross school
Wisconsin Motocross school
Michigan-Red Bud Pit
Michigan-Red Bud Pit
Me and Hulsey at Gratten
Me and Hulsey at Gratten
Matt with us in Michigan
Matt with us in Michigan

Video Cam Goggles-Doug at Paxtrack,Florida

Video Cam Goggles-from

Doug races for 1st time in a year at Hangtime MX,INDIANA.  get a pair of these goggles to shoh your friends and family what it takes to ride or race. get them at                                               ENJOY THE EXCITEMENT.

Doug race -video goggles at Hangtime MX.Indiana DVD Reviews-TGO The Destroyers 08- PRO Outdoor Season! DOUG and WOLFMAN Review this V-Good movie! They give it lots of wolfman howels!! DVD reviews-Doug and Screem get excited reviewing-ThrillBillies Double Wide.Lots of Crazy guys doing CrazyStuff! They rate it Lots of Screems

Making friends at the track!

Wildcat friends.
Wildcat friends.
Haden and Doug.
Haden and Doug.
Friends at Motoland Pro AM Race
Friends at Motoland Pro AM Race

The Fun is just Beginning.

More amateur motocross racing to come.We want to teach you,keep you informed and excited about this great sport! You will find that its really good FAMILY FUN! Its very tough and enduring,which will really get you in good shape.just go out and ride at your own pace,but keep working to get faster and better.To keep you Informed and excited,go rent or purchase a good Motocross DVD. This will get you really excited and wanting more races. Check out the DVD reviews that we have at

Motocrossnites DVD Reviews! Doug and Matt review -The Beginning ,All Amateurs--They give it BIG THUMBS UP!!

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doug46 profile image

doug46 8 years ago from Monticello,Indiana Author

I think that this is of intrest to lots of you younger guys and gals. Check this out.Also give a look at for some xtra fun stuff!

brandon 8 years ago

where is the location ?

doug46 profile image

doug46 7 years ago from Monticello,Indiana Author

There is Motocross Racing in every state in the US!Go on the web and search.

MX Race Fane profile image

MX Race Fane 7 years ago from OKLAHOMA CITY

Good job. Thanks for the pictures brings back memories.. I added you as a fan..

JOSSLYN 6 years ago


Paul Peterson profile image

Paul Peterson 6 years ago

Nice article!

My son is a huge fan of racing and I bought this bike to him :

He is now participating in the next race that will be held locally. He will be soon starting to receive professional training under one of the famous coaches.

Wow! I just love this bike :

Wish I was a kid !!

Cody 6 years ago

I want to know more about this! I want to join!

RL27 5 years ago

If your looking for somewhere to ride check out to find information on motocross tracks and racing.

james stewart 4 years ago

i was racing at the age of 3 im coming back for number one

lee 4 years ago

How do u get states and were do i go i love in charlottesville va Im ready to get states

Brian 4 years ago

what's up bro im trying to get involved in racing i signed up for ama an i was wondering how is the experience of racing im new to the race game but it has always been my dream an i just wanted to get some advice??



We are looking for Motocross Kids (Anything on a Dirt Bike) between the Ages of 4-12 years old that race, and their passionate parents who believe they have what it takes. Do you compete in races and travel doing so? Do you have a sweet set up and have your parents or siblings help you at every race. Do your parents cheer you on and get passionate about helping you become the next future Moto Star? Could you benefit from being on TV with potential sponsors? Are you a Coach for Moto Kids? Do your kids race Moto, and compete in local, State, or National Races? Do you have some amazing, crazy, and heartfelt stories from the track? If you or anyone you know would answer yes to any of the questions above, we want to hear from you!

If you or someone you know appears to be between the ages of 4-12 years old and races Dirt Bikes, please contact us at be sure to send us your name, phone number and a couple pictures of you.


Full Throttle Casting Team.



THIS IS A NATION WIDE SEARCH! SO ANY TRACKS, ASSOCIATIONS, OR LEAGUES WOULD BE GREAT FOR US TOO! Let me know if you can spread the word and guide me in the right direction I need about 100 kids/ family with kids in that age range!

jessica ordonez 4 years ago

my son is 9 years old and he likes motorcycles and i was wondering if could have 1 chance on the motorcycle to see if he likes so if he does i could sign him up in clovis

michael 3 years ago

i would like to sign up

jake 3 years ago

where can I sign up for motocross around fort worth texas? im 14 and im having no luck finding places. any help?

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