My 1999 Audi A4 Project

The Project Part I

Years and years ago my parents bought a 1999 Audi A4 1.6, it's a good car. But after years of use, it came to the point where it needed some work doing. It got parked on the drive and left for about 2 years. It was a shame. But oh well I suppose.

Then for my 18th Birthday, my parents said "Ryan, you can have the car. Free of charge. As long as you do the work needed to put it back on the road."

So, I've looked it over. It was in a state. The winding window mechanism had worn slightly so the window was very slightly open. This meant that a load of water and snow from the winter months could get in, leaving a massive puddle in the rear-passenger side footwell. It also meant that mildew could form in the car.
I was pretty annoyed my parents hadn't thought to occasionally check the car, but I suppose they're busy people, so what can we do?

Also because the car had been stood for some time, the brakes have seized and caused the car to be pretty much un-moveable. And the battery has gone.
And the spark-plugs need cleaning/replacing.

OK, OK, so there is a lot of work. What can I say? But once the car is fixed, I'll have a beastly Audi to call my own. That should be the motivation I need to get through this project!

The beast itself.
The beast itself.

The Project Part II

I've already started work upon the car. The water inside has now largely gone. I rented one of those 'wet&dry' vacuum cleaners and used it to suck up all the water out of the carpet. Or at least most of it. I also cleaned the entire interior and bought a dehumidifier to extract as much water from the air as possible and a little air-freshener to finish the job! It's now largely okay in the car. It might need a little more work to bring it to show-room condition but really I must crack on with the rest. I just need to lay my hands on some more tools before I can carry on. Difficult on my budget of nothing at all!

Just as an FYI though, if your car does end up with water inside the foot-wells, avoid going to a garage. I was quoted nearly £500 for a fix, which is ridiculous. A rented 'Rug Doctor' vacuum cleaner cost just £50, and it did the job just as well as I could've hoped for.
Also, if you notice water in your car, ensure it's locked safe, or else like me you'll be in a pickle. Luckily Audi's are galvanised!

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