My Dream Bike. Ex Valentino Rossi's MotoGP Ducati For Sale

I hope to one day own an ex Valentino Rossi MotoGP bike. I've never really known as to whether it would be possible, not because of the potential price but because of the likelyness of an ex MotoGP bike ever coming up for sale let alone one of Valentino Rossi's. MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcylce racing. It's F1 on 2 wheels only 100 times better. These's bike are so far advanced that any developments a Manufacturer makes are kept a closely guarded secret. MotoGP racing is so close between competitors manufacturers can't freely disclose their new tricks. This is what made me wonder if a MotoGP bike would ever be up for sale. A 5 year old MotoGP bike would still hold many secrets and trick components. Then we have anything with the number 46 on it. Valentino Rossi is not only an unbelievable rider but he is also worth Gold dust to a manufacturer because of his experience. He has rode for Honda which he become World Champion on, then on to Yamaha which he also became World Champion on and currently with Ducati which I hope he also becomes World Champion on, his results are getting better. A current MotoGP Gride bike is worth millions due to the technology and development, you can rent one for a season for around £2,500,000, if they let you!! MotoGP are currently working on bringing the cost's down running a Moto2 class with the GP bikes, these bikes are in the 6 fiure price range. Rossi doesn't race Moto2 though he races GP bikes, I wonder which organ to sell.

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To my astonishment, in May 2012, Valentino Rossi's 2011 Podium finishing MotoGP Ducati bike went up for sale at auction in Monaco. No, I didn't buy it. Casey Stoner's bike was also up for sale at the auction. I'm surprised that the sale didn't receive more public attention pryer to the auction. I'm also a Guitarist and when Eric Clapton sold off a large collection of his guitars there was media attention beforehand which no doubt helped in attracting successful wealthy buyers. This low key event kind of reflects in the price the lucky buyer bagged Valentino Rossi's bike for, in fact the buyer was on holiday and it was only because of a friend knowing about the auction that he went. They knew there could be some rarities up for sale but neither knowing 2 ex Champion MotoGP bikes being auctioned off, let alone one of Rossi's. To my surprise Casey Stoner's bike sold for more than Rossi's Ducati did! Stoner's bike sold for 220,000euros not including fees and Rossi's sold for 5k less! Yes, 5K less than Stoner's bike! Stoner is a great rider and current world champion but he doesn't have the Mojo that Rossi has brought to the sport. Stoner has also recently annouced his retirement for the sport which is a great shame as I don't think he a cemented his name in the history of MotoGP despite being a 2 time world champion.

Rossi has had trouble since joining Ducati and not being where he is used to, at the front. This does affect the desirebilty of bike but 215,000euro's is blooming bargain!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the swing arm cost that alone! This bike is definitely an investement as it is very unlikely another Rossi bike will ever come up for sale and the most desirable of them all is an Yamaha M1 because of the amount of wins, epic battles and records that were broken on that bike. Rossi is in his 30's now and although he still has it in him to win more titles I doubt it will be to the extent he had with Yamaha. Then again he could start his own team.

The icing on the cake for me is that this bike ended up 40miles away from where I live as the delivery driver drove right past the new owners home and dropped the bike off in Southend, Essex. In fact I was in Southend last week, darn it!!! So why do I and every other motorbike fan want a Motorcycle fan want to own one of Valentino Rossi's bikes? I've added a few videos of the master in action. Valentino Rossi is a sporting legend and a brand, Michael Jordan did it and so has David Beckham, Only the greats of their sports can do this. He sports the number 46 and wears the sun and moon on his helmet to show his good side off the track and dark side on ( I rock a Rossi Helmet when I ride). He has 9 world titles 7 of which in the MotoGP class. He is also the last ever 500cc world champion. He rides like no other, he can make tyres grip forever and overtake where no one else would dare think of. I plan to see Vale race in MotoGP before he retires.

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vipracing profile image

vipracing 4 years ago from Rimini Italia

Now that Valentino will not longer race with the Ducati you will need to get in line for the yamaha!

I'm joking!!!!

But in reality is not so difficult to buy a motoGP.

Normally the bikes of the previous year are given in lease to satellite teams with eventual upgrade, and the bikes of two or three years can be purchased directly from Ducati Racing s.r.l. .... if you have a good budget!

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

I will keep that in mind Vipracing, I am so happy Rossi's goin back to Yamaha, He will prove that he still. is the best and the Ducati days will be a distant memory.

vipracing profile image

vipracing 4 years ago from Rimini Italia

I hope you're right!!!!!

You know...., I saw Valentino racing with the minibike (I know and I saw his father Graziano racing) and I have always been a supporter of Vale, but it's too many years that I go to the circuits to not recognize that Lorenzo goes very fast!

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Rossi is older and wiser. Lorenzo is fast but I don't enjoy watching him ride, nor stoner or pedrosa. Dovi and Crutchlow put on a better show.

If Simoncelli was here, well...................

vipracing profile image

vipracing 4 years ago from Rimini Italia

Marco was special .... I met him when he was racing for Matteoni racing team .. then I frequented again when he went racing with Fausto Gresini and I can assure you that he was truly unique.

Other than Valentino .... Vale can be a bastard when he wants. Marco not! Marco was a lot more solar...a beautiful person!

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Great Comment Vipracing, I envy you.

He was taken too soon and would have been world champion no question. So sad.Simoncelli would have kept MotoGP the premiere motorcylce racing class. When Rossi goes, I can't see it being worth watching. There'll be champions but no "champions"

Larry Rankin profile image

Larry Rankin 19 months ago from Oklahoma

Wow, what an amazing bike!

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