My Top 10 Car Choices of All Times

If only I have the money, these cars will be at the top of the list of things I will buy.

I have always wanted my own car. Make that an automatic car (I don't like stick-shift cars and I think they don't like me). The first car I have ever driven is a rented Chevrolet Malibu. Rented because I was only staying for 3 months in a certain state in the U. S. But for 3 months, I lived my dream of having a car.

So to celebrate that time and to indulge my "car" dream, I have compiled 10 cars (from various companies and with various models) that I love to drive and which I would gladly buy if I have the money. You may or may not agree to this list but hey, everybody's got a choice.

So from Chevrolet, to Honda, to Ford, to Isuzu and, finally, to Hyundai (told you these are from various companies), these are my choices:

Chevrolet Malibu (
Chevrolet Malibu (
Honda Jazz (
Honda Jazz (
Toyota Camry (
Toyota Camry (
Ford Focus (
Ford Focus (
Honda Civic (
Honda Civic (

Chevrolet Malibu

This car for me drives like a dream. It's spacious on the inside and outside, well, let's just say it turns some heads on the road (mine included). I would gladly import one from the US (if I can) just to drive this car again (unfortunately, it's not available in my country or if it is, it goes by another name).

Honda Jazz

This one I would call the "small but terrible" car. It's a subcompact car but it can go head to head with another Honda car, the larger Honda Civic. It's economical too as it consumes less gas than its bigger brother. Plus the design is really good (read: cute) and it's got the Honda stamp on it - quality and durability.

Toyota Camry

Lovely and elegant (at least for me), this is a very roomy car. It is also one of the more expensive sedans but for the smooth drive and the power behind this car, I will gladly spend money (which I still don't have) on this car.

Ford Focus

A refined car with sporty credentials is how this car is described. True to a Ford car, this one gives one of the best value for money around. Plus its fuel efficiency is not that bad either.

Honda Civic

I chose the Honda Civic because I know it is fast, fuel efficient and can last for a good number of years. My brother-in-law has his Honda Civic for more than 10 years already and it still runs as smoothly as ever and still looks good to boot! Granted he takes very good care of it but you have to admit, if Honda did not make the car durable and long-lasting, no amount of taking good care of it will make it last this long!

Chevrolet Tahoe (
Chevrolet Tahoe (
Ford Escape (
Ford Escape (
Ford Expedition ( )
Ford Expedition ( )
Isuzu Alterra (
Isuzu Alterra (

Chevrolet Tahoe

This one is a really good-looking car. It is easy to handle, has a comfortable interior and has strong towing abilities. Plus it's so beautiful to look at (I mentioned this one already but it is really worth repeating here).

Ford Escape

As with its other brothers, the Ford Escape is also a good buy for a person's (hopefully, my own) money. Its got a sporty look, and has good features that will make your ride a very comfortable one. Plus the price is reasonable too.

Ford Expedition

The Expedition's price at almost $60,000 here but that didn't stop Filipinos from loving this SUV. In fact, from what I've read, there was a time when we were the number two buyers of this car (second only to the US). And why not?  it gives an all-American comfort and luxury for a good price. It makes for a very comfortable ride plus it is agile and can really take you places. Just watch the gasoline, however, this one is quite a guzzler.

Isuzu Alterra

I had the chance to ride at the back of an Isuzu Alterra and it was a really really smooth ride for me. A generous interior space gives one a lot of legroom plus the feeling of luxury. Plus it's great for driving in an off-road terrain. The price is reasonable, too, for a car this size and power.

Hyundai Santa Fe

No pictures for this one. Why? Because I'm basically featuring here our second-hand (or is it third-hand) 2000 model Hyundai Santa Fe Gold (can't afford not to, it might decide to conk out in the middle of the road if I don't include it here). It's called the "small Santa Fe" or what I would call the grandfather of the modern-day Santa Fe or Tuczon. It looks like a Tuczon from the outside but some of its features were rolled over to the current Santa Fe. Despite its age, it is still a comfortable ride. The color is beautiful (two-toned black) plus, with my husband taking very good care of it, it almost looks like new (almost). Best of all, we have already taken it to a lot of places - in just one year, we have already clocked in around 10,000 miles. Not bad for a used car!

So that's it. My top 10 car choices. There are a lot more (believe me, I can easily go to 20 or even 50 car choices) out there such as the Toyota Altis, the Hyundai i30, the Mitsubishi Lancer, the Hyundai Coupe, the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, etc.,etc. I didn't even include here those luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, etc. Maybe in my next hub, maybe....

Which Car / Brand Do You Prefer?

  • Ford
  • General Motors / Chevrolet
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • My choice is not among the above choices.
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Comments 9 comments

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

You made some very valid points, emievil. Nowadays, I will only but Toyota and Honda as they've been good to me! I would also consider their luxury divisions of Lexus and Acura too. I drive a (believe it or not) 1989 Honda Prelude with the flip-up headlights much like Ferrari's. I love that car and it still has low-mileage as it has 199,000 miles on it and is 20 years old! Right now I'm trying to not drive it and restore it instead because mine is in near perfect condition and is considered a classic car. They're hard to find in tip-top shape. Thank you for sharing!

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Wow! And I thought my car or the Honda Civic of my brother-in-law is already old. I don't think I've seen a Prelude here for like a couple of years already. Keep it going! Old cars are still the best if they are really kept in good condition.

JennaJackson profile image

JennaJackson 7 years ago

Emievil, This is a good hub! Good information, but if I may suggest, why not do one on the Top 10 favorite oldies, but goldies... like my '52 MGTD. It doesn't go out often. The weather has to be perfect. But, on those days... Well, you get the idea. And, I bet you have a good top 10 list of those magical cars from days gone by.

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Jenna, thanks for the comment. Er, actually I still have to compile that. Old but good cars are few and far between here (too bad, my father junked his '78 Volkswagen). But don't worry, I'll definitely compile some.

tammyfrost profile image

tammyfrost 6 years ago from Oregon

I really like the honda's!

emievil profile image

emievil 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Tammy. Me too!

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago

Nice nice cars!!!

emievil profile image

emievil 6 years ago from Philippines Author

UH, so they are :).

spraytask profile image

spraytask 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Toyotas are super reliable.

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