Save Your High Heels from Driving Stress

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High heels and driving? Not necessarily a good match, not that high heels and walking is that great a pairing, but we’ll leave all that for another day. Driving with your heels on isn’t the best of ideas, especially for the shoe! There’s a lot of dynamic stress put on the heel while driving and it’s not exactly the kind the shoe was designed to withstand. So here’s the tip: Save the heels for walking. Throw a pair of those cute little ballet slippers in the car. Keep them handy by tucking ‘em under the driver’s seat or in the pocket on the door. They’re comfortable, don’t take up much room and they’ll save your heels from those nasty wear spots that are so difficult to repair.

$235 | Source
$59.99 | Source

See how a high-heel is made.

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