Upcoming New Cars In India In 2011 - Exclusive Reviews

honda brio india
honda brio india

Variety of New Models of Cars In 2011

India is a fast growing market for cars in the world, where many vehicles, including small-sized cars are expected to be introduced in the year 2011. The new models of cars that are already in the market will also be introduced.

  1. LPG of Chevrolet Beat
  2. Diesel models
  3. Modified model of swift
  4. Tata Safari
  5. Ford Fiesta
  6. Mahindra Mini Xylo

are some of the models that are expected to be launched this year.Some of the names and features of the cars, which people are eagerly waiting in this year are:


Brio, a car in the small size category cars of Honda, the famous car manufactures in Japan is supposed to be introduced in this year. This car was exhibited in the Thailand International Motor Expo conducted in Bangkok. Honda declares that Brio will be manufactured in India itself using the locally available parts. The expected price of this car is below 5 lakhs.

This car will have to compete with the existing models like Hyundai I20, Volkswagen Polo, and Maruti Suzuki Swift. A very powerful engine with a strong capacity of 1.2 L of petrol will be an impressive quality of this car. A fully glass hatch door, which resembles the old model of Maruti 800 is an added specialty of this car. This hatch door minimizes the cost as well as the weight of the car.

Suzuki Cervo : Marutis answer to Tata Nano
Suzuki Cervo : Marutis answer to Tata Nano


Liva is another model of the luxury car, Toyota Etios from Toyota. This car also has a powerful 1-1/2 liter Petrol engine and expected to be on the road by March. Toyota foresees a huge market in India for this particular car and expect to sell at least 70,000 cars per year. This car is the fruit of four years of continuous hard work of a team of engineers in India and abroad. Nearly an amount of 3200 crores has been invested by Toyota for the introduction of this car in India. This is the low-budget car ever produced by Toyota.


Maruti Suzuki, the biggest car manufacturers in India, had declared to introduce a new model of small car in India this year. Maruti has not yet declared the name of the small car to be introduced, but assumptions are pointing to Cervo, which already has started its journey in Indian roads.

This car, which has a one-liter K series engine, may find its position in between Alto and A-star. Expected ex-showroom price is from 2.75 lakhs to 3.25 lakhs for this model. Chevrolet Spark and Hyundai Santro are the main competitors for this car in Indian market.



Suzuki’s premium car Kizashi, which is already in the markets of America, Japan and Australia is also planning to launch in India in 2011. This model was shown in the New Delhi Auto Expo, but last year it was not launched. This model has 2.4 liter petrol engine and 6 speed manual gearbox.


The famous Korean car manufactures, Hyundai is planning to launch their new model I30 in India by 2011. Spacious interior, comfortable for journey, strong engine are some of the features of this model. Both the petrol and diesel model are expected to be launched in this financial year. Security measures such as ABS., Airbag, EDB facilities will be available in this model of Hyundai. The showroom prize ranges from 9 lakhs to 12 lakhs for this model.


Nissan may introduce its premium mid-size SUV Murano, in 2011. The manufacturers claim that this car has a strong engine, which has good mileage. It poses a 3.5 liter V6 engine. This particular model of Nissan has acquired many awards in many countries.


Nissan, the famous Japanese car manufacturers are launching their luxury car, Sunny, which is another model of Micra, in India in 2011. This car was exhibited in the China international Auto exhibition. Nissan states that they are planning to manufacture this car in their plant in Oragadam, Chennai.

Nissan plans to launch this car in 170 countries including India. This car maybe a tough competitor for Maruti Swift, Dzire, Volkswagen Vento, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna, Chevrolet Aveo etc. It poses a 1.5-liter strong petrol engine.

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jyotish gochhayat 5 years ago

pluti cervoz tell me lunching date of mar

nikhil vijay 5 years ago

hiii there, firstly i wud love to comment on the etios, if am not mistaken etios is a revamp of the older toyota car called the echo, they way i see it, nothing much has been changed except for the exterior.. the cars build quality is pathetic.. and if it took 4 years for the engineers to make this car come into life, the i suggest that they be fired coz they aint doing a good job at all, but yeah, they did fool the indian consumers...i dont know since when did nissan sunny become a luxury car???? its a common mans car in other parts of the world and there is nothing great about it... the newer cars are assembled in korea and the build, and the engine quality is bad, the response is not so great either, and there is nothing unique about the car....its just a vehichle with 4 wheels and an engine....

one thing that i dont understand is that u guys being auto journalists, why do u guys go with these lies and promote them even more???? coz a lot of indian consumers , goes thru different websites, reads and trusts ur opinion and then buys it....

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi jyothish and Nikhil,

Nice to read a lot from you. I am not trying to promote anything as you mentioned in your comment. However thanks for finding time to comment.

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