Nissan Micra vs Volkswagen Polo - Comparison of two Hot Hatches

Compare cars micra vs polo

We have already seen the launches of Volkswagen Polo and Ford Figo in the first half of the year 2010. And it seems there are more options coming our way this year. Micra, Nissans all new small car for india will be launched sometime in July. The car comes with a single engine option, i.e a 1.2L 3cylinder petrol engine. And Nissan has priced the car very competitively, somewhere close to the Polo, actually even better.

When drawing comparison with the polo, the cars have very similar engine configurations. Both have a 1.2l petrol under the hood, but only 3 cylinders each. We already have wonderful 1.2l 4 cylinder engines in the Maruti K-series and Hyundai kappa. The reason for knocking off one cylinder if for increased fuel efficiency at the cost of refinement. And both Volkswagen and Nissan are considered premium brands in India. So it is inevitable that their mass market models in the country will be pitted against each other.

The Looks

Polo Front
Polo Front
Polo Rear
Polo Rear
Polo interior
Polo interior
Nissan Micra - Front and Rear
Nissan Micra - Front and Rear
Nissan micra interior
Nissan micra interior

Volkswagen Polo

Engine : 1.2LPetrol, 1.2L Diesel

Max Power : 75bhp@5400rpm for petrol, 75bhp@4200rpm for diesel

Max Torque : 110 Nm@3700rpm for petrol, 180Nm@2000rpm for diesel

Transmission : 5speed manual

Suspension :

Front - mcpherson struts,with stabilizer bar

Back - semi independent trailing arm

Brakes : Front Ventilated Disk and Back drum

Dimensions :

Length -3970mm

Width -1682mm

Height - 1453mm

Wheelbase - 2456mm

Price : starts at 4.5Lakhs

Nissan Micra

Engine : 1.2L petrol engine

Max Power : 76bhp@6000rpm

Max Torque : 104Nm@4000rpm

Transmission : 5 speed manual

Suspension :

Front - Mc Pherson Strut

Rear - Torsion Beam

Brakes : Front Ventilated Disk and Back drum

Dimensions :

Length -3780mm

Width -1665mm

Height - 1530mm

Wheelbase - 2450mm

Price : starts at 4lakhs

As can be seen from the specs given above, both cars have many similarities. The polo has already been a success story for Volkswagen. It looks sexy in red and is overall a very aggressive looking car. It has one of the best ride and handling setup. The petrol engine , inspite of being a 3pot one is really fun to drive and the diesel is frugal and adequate.But interior space is a premium, so is the pricing.

Micra is more of a cute looking car, along the line of Chevrolet spark and similar cars. The top end offers features like keyless entry. The micra engine is more refined than the polo and engine is adequately peppy, and can match many of the four pot ones. Ride quality and handling are also very good.

Micra is launched at a very good price and if Nissan do something about bettering the aftersales department, it will give the other carmakers a run for their money. Now we can say that the indian customer is spoilt with choices at least for small hatchbacks. If only there were better engines fitted to these cars, for the enthusiast in you, but we are waiting for the 1.6l Polo to be launched this year.

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Comments 39 comments

Neehar 6 years ago

I Think Polo is better option than Micra

Karthik 6 years ago

I got my polo couple of days back. I have just gone for 7 days driving class, but driving polo is so easy that i have stopped going to the classes now. Driving Polo is such a delight.

macro_life profile image

macro_life 6 years ago from India Author

Volkswagen has started delivering polo 1.6. It could be the first modern hot hatch in india.

abhay 6 years ago

may dream

rishab 6 years ago

i think micra is better than polo

sankalp 6 years ago

its tough compitition dude

Arjun 6 years ago

figo is far better than these 2 hatches

enmoz 6 years ago

micra is better than figo and polo if anybody driven this car can feel it, its steering is so smooth its fun to drive in city.

rajinder 6 years ago

micra is very good is so smuth to drive and have a good milage also

Nikhil Munjal 6 years ago

Both the cars have their own pros and cons. Polo looks really very elegant and solid. You get very safe and plush feel in Polo. At the same time Micra is a cute little hatch which is fun to drive in City in comparison to Polo..(pickup definitely is better than Polo, engine vibration and noise is much less in comparison to polo) .. at the same time seating, interior color combination of Micra is no match to POLO.

At the same time Micra is almost 100 Kgs lighter (unique design and other features through which they have cut down the weight of the vehicle). -- which according to me will make it more lasting than Polo - simple reason the condition of the roads and infra in this country -- a heavier vehicle is bound to have more problems than a lighter one. On top of that mileage of Micra would be much better than Polo.

Anyway they both are wonderful pieces - and shouldn't be compared as they both are meant for different types of ppl. A Polo driver ( who likes European styling and chick) mightnt enjoy a Japanese Car.. at the same time ppl in India who are more accustomed to Japanese / Korean cars be it suzukis, Hondas, Toyotas and Hyundai might have to adjust to European sturdy feeling in a car.

Anyway for me,

1) In case someone is looking Just for Value - FIGO (dont think abt resale)

2) Styling, Plush feeling, Security, safety - Polo

3) Japanese Mileage, cute, vibrant peppy feel, - MICRA is the CAR. But in that category MICRA does get tough competition from SWIFT and may be ETIOS.

macro_life profile image

macro_life 6 years ago from India Author

I second Nikhil. And thanks for the comment

PRABHU 5 years ago


arulraju 5 years ago

hi to everyone,i am taking out micra XE, feels good to drive inside the crowded city, very good, superb and cute in design. more over good pickup, a/c is also good.

arul 5 years ago

i bought nissan micra 1 week back. awesome car. superb pickup ... i love it..

naizam  5 years ago

i love polo but iwant micra

dibyanshu 5 years ago

polo is a awesome car in hatch series.excellent pick up

and luxiries

prashant 5 years ago

comper to micra to plol so i think micra is good car n good milge n very comefartable car. batter then to polo.

gurjeet 5 years ago

i like micra for its average as daily changing prices can change shape of your pocket

mushtaq 5 years ago

polo is like ape rikshaw

VINOD 5 years ago


nikul  5 years ago

polo is very bed car becouse head room not good noice is high diesel engine

micra is very good car bettar key features good and power folding mirror

engine pick up is very good best fuel economy in the class

bettar ride in micra

i like micra good car & stylish than polo

Kirtan 5 years ago

I own a polo 1.2l trendline..And I don't feel like going for ANY other hatchback...If I AM changing cars,it has got to be either vento or honda city..I am just in love with the german built polo.This car has been driven 11000kms in a mere 4 months times and the average i've gotten WITH AC is 23/liter and that is pretty amazing..THis is my first car and its going to go a long way with me;)

Figo - the pathetic interiors spoilt it for me or else I would have gone for it as its top model comes at the price of a polo comfortline..But no,heavy maintenance isn't what I dream of.

Micra? I haven't heard about it..Good that it was launched AFTER I bought the polo or else I would have been seriously confused..As I was confused about so many other hatchbacks..Punto,I-20 and all... German engineering is really really good guys..Trust them.

MOHIT 5 years ago

Good interior, but the fear of thief is the big problem.

kamal 4 years ago

polo 1.6 is the best

Sahil 4 years ago

Polo is the most fabulous car it stability nd the comfort while driving is awesome nd micra is just like an ant before it !!!!

Sandeep 4 years ago

Volkswagen is an outdated company in geramany back in 1960's itself...all the cars that are being soled today be it Polo etc were used & thrown by germans nearly 40 yrs back...So guys we are still behind in age & using missions which were dumped as trash before most of us were actually born..r we out of sense ppl..

sujoy 4 years ago

polo is better than micra

sujoy 4 years ago

polo is better than micra

abhi 4 years ago

ki gaah paya tusi

VMR 4 years ago

I own Micra about 1 month back. It is very awesome car its features and millage. Micra is better than polo

ajay ahuja 4 years ago

both r gud cars.both have different features. but in way of stlylish polo is much more better than micra. i hav both cars. micra have gud milege and head space. but polo maintnace hav litle expencve from micra.

whatdoctor 4 years ago

3 cylenders prevents replacing the engine with a more powerful one. Drum brakes also make doing up these cars dangerous. They should not be allowed on the road.

nain 4 years ago

Micra-for person just wanna derive, don't want maintainance

Polo-for person who really care about the vehicle, love to tak care

arjun 4 years ago

i love my micra xv premium.....

aswanth 4 years ago

polo is very very good vehicle, its mileage,style,pickup,safety totally awesome i fully satisfied,yes this is value for money

Salom 4 years ago

Polo is simply best but micra looks toy for me..sorry folks...

sports boy 4 years ago

dude micra is excelllleeeeeeeeeeentttttttttttt car

vikas yadav 4 years ago

i like both cars but polo look sexy but engine comperision nissn to good Polo and micra is best cars in india

on hatch back

errwr 3 years ago

micra is superb

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