Nissan Customer Service Responds to CVT Complaints About Murano

Many owners of a Nissan Murano with its CVT transmission remain angry about how Nissan have dealt with the ongoing problems with the Murano. I must say, I am glad I did not buy one as I was planning to do in light of the myriad of complaints about failing CVT transmissions even in new cars.

According Nissan's Ken Martin, VP of Customer Service, this is what they have done:

  • Extended the existing warranty for the powertrain to 10 years or 120,000 miles for repairs and replacement\towing. This includes Muranos built from 2003 to present.
  • If you have paid for CVT repairs Nissan will provide some sort of reimbursement, however, the deadline was in 2010.

This new policy went into effect sometime in 2009 and the extension requires no action on your part and fully transferable to future owners of your vehicle. Even if you no longer own your Nissan we will reimburse you for past CVT repairs that would have been covered under this extension of the warranty. Contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance Center at 888-388-0318.

The question owners should ask is if the form is still available and if the deadline has been renewed. It would seem Nissan's reaction to all the complaints may have solved the problem, but if you are a Murano owner, what has been your experience regarding this new warranty extension? I wonder if Nissan will really pay a former owner back for CVT repairs after they have sold the car to another? What occurs if the Murano has exchanged owners several times in a few years and each owner has CVT problems?

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uwa 5 years ago

murano look good on the outside but on the inside it look like petty woman on the outside with HIV on the inside, good luck with murano

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

This is great! Good way to describe it.

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author


Borbor 5 years ago

I have a nissan murano 03 and I am noticing heavy noise when driving between 35-50 mph. I took it in to nissan and they told me it is normal. I drove another one and never heard the noise. My question is, what should I expecting considering damage and repair cost?

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perrya 5 years ago Author

depends, but some have mentioned several thousands and more. Glance thru the postings.

Nicole 4 years ago

Well unfortunately I am over the warranty period by 23,000. The problem is that the common problem occurred quite some time ago while I was in the warranty period but when you take to car to be looked at the car is not duplicating the issue therefore it goes unfounded, in the meantime the car only has the issue ever so often, now that it is happening more I took it in to find out it was the cvt transmission but since I am out of warranty Nissan stated we will not help you, you are out of warranty. Do you know of anything that can be done. Someone in the past mention a class act action. What are your thoughts?

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perrya 4 years ago Author

All I know is that Nissan did extend the warranty. It was mentioned on this blog.

4 years ago

They extended the warranty but did not go to any effort to contact current owners to inform them of the situation. Now, my son has his Murano sitting in a parking lot due to the fact it will not move and showed all the signs of the trans going out. Really feel screwed by what I thought would be a good vehicle for him.

Rob 3 years ago

I have an '09 Murano SL and am having the CVT replaced. Transfer case is also leaking and from all I've read, seems to be uncovered by any warranty even though it's part of the same problem. $3,500+ for repairs on the transfer case alone! Nissan needs to take some responsibility and provide solutions for it's customers. My fear is that after reading many posts, so many people who've had theirs replaced (CVT's and Transfer cases) seem to have about the same bad luck with the replaced parts. (in some cases sooner than when the original parts failed) What can be done to remedy this? Is there a class-action suit in the works? I filed a complaint with and a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Any thoughts would be great.

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perrya 3 years ago Author

we all repair stories with car, I have to pay $1700 for minor issues that cause performance issues and oil leak. I feel for you!

RJ 3 years ago

I have a NEW 2012 Murano with less than 9000 miles on it and it will not shift under acceleration. It will get hung up in a lower gear and it is very Dangerous when pulling out in traffic!!

Sean Farrell 3 years ago

I have the same problem since 2004. For years Nissan denied there was an issue, so I gave up going to the dealership. They even test drove the car with the acceleration hesitation occurring. Discovered recently that they extended the warranty, but missed the deadline by a few months as they did not advise owners.

I have learned to live with a car that is frankly dangerous. There have been several times when the hesitation nearly put me in an accident, but I can't afford to replace the car.

In the mean time I have told literally dozens of people never to buy a Nissan. They don't stand behind their products.

Zavier 2 years ago

Nissan just told me that they have never heard of this problem and are stumped as why it is doing this.

ryanbrundle 2 years ago

exact same thing

osadebe mbamalu 2 years ago

I Love the Nissan murano. I almost bought one but was adviced by my mechanic not to because of gear issues. Reading these posts have shed more light on my fears.

Coteg56 2 years ago

2006 Murano and the transmission just went with 121,389 miles on the vehicle. 1,389 miles over warranty, Nissan said sorry your on your own for repairs. I'm stuck with a $4,075.00 repair for this known problem, last Nissan for this family.

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