Opel astra g dohc vectra omega corsa how to change fuel filter

To change your car fuel filter, You will need:
- New fuel filter;
- T15 screwdiver;
- Patience.

Astra G with gasoline engine, fuel filter is at the bottom down the car near the rear of the driver side wheel.Specifically, approximately at the point where we need to car jacks. Easily find leaned;)

SOHC engine fuel filter change

1st Before replacing the filter should release the pressure resulting from the fuel system.

- SOHC engine type:

1st Ensure that the ignition is not turned on;)
2nd Opening the hood, find the engine compartment relays box and remove the fuel pump relay - see. Fig. below (the most common - violet).
3rd Start the car and on a forged permit free rotation and so will jerk off.
4th Disconnect the battery (-).
5th Insert the fuel pump relay back prijunkit battery (-).

dohc fuel filter change

- DOHC engine type:

1st Near the engine, find the fuel pressure valve (you may need to remove the engine cover). Carefully loosen the gags and elastics.
2nd Some type of item push valve to relieve pressure. You may get a run or fuel injected, so Pay attention and Prepare yourself with something you could pavalyt around. Repeat that several times to make sure everything would have succeeded.
3rd Put back elastic and stopper.

how to change fuel filter

If the filter is very little room for exchange, you can get up to jacks on the rear of the vehicle, making it easier to access, even though everything can be changed and will boost the car.

Loosen the screw holds the fuel filter holder. Pay attention to which way the arrow drawn on the filter. The difficult part is beautifully situated at the ends of the filter to remove the lock, without breaking them. So buy the best filter to see whether the new filter is with the locks. Disconnected the fuel hoses from the filter, will run a light fuel, so be prepared for anything plugged hoses.


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