Park Your Car Perfectly In Your Garage Every Time!!!

Park your car in the garage perfectly every time.

This is not a technical hub but more one I just had on a list for a long time that I wanted to write.

Many many years ago I watched as a small boy as my dad mounted these tennis balls on a string , hanging from the garage , one in each stall. I asked my dad what they were for and he replied "so your mom can park the car in the garage without destroying it".

I knew exactly what he meant, my mother had well a problem judging distances when parking in the garage, either too far in or not far enough.. a problem my own wife shares.

Snap in time to today ... decades later and I found myself in the same scenario. My wife also has problems judging distances when parking. So I thought to myself why not use my dads old idea. So I did.

It's pretty simple.

I use this:

  • A string ( I like nylon white) any will do , my father in law actually used fishing line.
  • A ball of some sort that when it hits you windshield it will not crack it. I like tennis balls. I have used toy foam balls and racquetballs but I have found the tennis balls to be the most durable.
  • A mounting device of some type from which to hang the ball. if you have rafters exposed in your garage like my dad did you can just tie it off. In my case I have a finished sheetrock garage. I simply use a sheet rock screw and tie the string to that.
  • I use a drill to put a hole in the tennis ball then insert the string. I usually feed it through with a hanger. Be creative and choose your own method.
  • Once you have the string a fixed .. park the car the correct distance in your garage then from the ceiling hang the ball so that is just touches the windshield. This can take a few tries but it works.

The next time you park the car.. simply drive int the stall until the windshield hits the ball gently and stop and you should have the correct position..

I know this is not rocket science but hey,it's simple cheap and effective.

Have fun.

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