Powerblock TV MuscleCar $50,000 Mustang Contest

Powerblock TV MuscleCar $50,000 Mustang Contest

Powerblock TV MuscleCar is currently holding a sweepstakes to give away one sweet ride! The grand prize is a $50,000 2010 Magnaflow Foose Mustang GT for one lucky winner. (see car here)The impressive black Mustang was built on the set of Powerblock TV's show "MuscleCar" when Chip Foose came to the shop to help build the sleek muscle car. It includes a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, Roush body kit and Foose wheels among other spectacular features. Here's more specifications for this impressive ride:

-Baer Claw GT front brake system.Upgrades include FOOSE logo 6P calipers, upgrade to SDZ rotor surfaces and stainless braided lines for front.

-DecelaRotor rear rotors.

- BASF custom paint job.

-Rear exhaust kit, V8 4.6L; GT 4 x 4 x 14in. Dual Mufflers, 2.5in. Magnapack System, 4in. Dual Polished Tips, DUAL SPLIT REAR EXIT, 2.5in. Tru-X Pipe w/Metallic Converter

-Mothers Professional Refinishing System, Rubbing Compound, Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound, Machine Glaze, Foam Pad Polish, Hand Glaze.

-FOOSE Designs, Nitrous Legend Gray wheels, 20x8.5 and 20x10.

-265/35ZR20, 275/35ZR20 Pirelli PZero tires

See the car at MuscleCar on PowerBlock TV's website

Currently, the contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada, ages 18 years and older. The contest opened officially back on May 14, 2009 and will run until October 12th, 2009 at 12 AM CT.

Entry requires filling out a simple sweepstakes form online.

Head over to PowerBlockTV.com or Magnaflow.com for more details

MuscleCar Show on Powerblock TV

The MuscleCar show on SPIKE TV's "Powerblock TV" consists of the hosts showing how to rebuild muscle cars. In addition on the half hour episodic program, they give further info on the various cars and their histories. MuscleCar debuted as part of the Powerblock TV lineup back on January 7, 2006. The official website is PowerblockTV.com.

Courtney Hansen Ad

Powerblock TV on SPIKE TV

Powerblock TV airs each weekend on Spike TV that contains several television shows with how-to automotive topics including car restoration and DIY auto repairs as well as maintenance. Four shows make up the Powerblock on Spike TV MuscleCar, Horsepower TV, Xtreme 4x4, Trucks!

Currently, the PowerblockTV host is the beautiful Courtney Hansen who is an auto enthusiast herself. According to her Wikipedia entry, she grew up around race car tracks, pits and garages in her homestate of Minnesota, and that translated into her passion for cars. Courtney was featured in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2005" and has been on the cover of both Hot Rod Magazine and Muscle & Fitness. She's had previous work as a hostess on the Travel Channel and has a book published called "The Garage Girl's Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Your Car". See Courtney Hansen's book here.

To find out when Powerblock TV shows air, please check your local listings.

MuscleCar Powerblock TV Preview

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UNDRA COX 7 years ago


Mark Curry 7 years ago


Bruce Waterhouse 6 years ago

I had a 2002 Mustang GT Candy Apple Red convertible. I wanted to do "Hollywood Mufflers" as we used to call them in the 50's. Today it would be Magnaflow. An old guy.

Filipino girls profile image

Filipino girls 6 years ago

American V8 engines are so tunable to get more power. Compared to equivalent output European engines, you get more power for your money. I used to own a DeTomaso Pantera with a Ford 351C engine. I went crazy on the whole car, including the engine. Only the original block was used in the new engine, but it had been completely re-machined and strengthened. Unfortunately the project was never completed. Waaaahhhh!! It should have produced around 600hp, so it would have been pretty wild, as the whole car was lightened by replacing various metal parts with cardon-fibre/kevlar.

boyce sade 6 years ago

I love youer show iown1986 chevy truck Awomen hit it in front left front toar head light case Iam disable her ins, won"tpay for it so I hope Iwin thank you

earl.jones64@yahoo.com 6 years ago

nice auto would love to have it.

chuck 6 years ago

Why all the repeats.Get new shows or get off the air.and make room for good how to auto shows.

kathleen scott 6 years ago

I am writing to you and I sincerely hope that my husband can win . He had owned a 67 ford mustang years ago , you know how that goes when you start a family , he had purchaseda 76 corvette but after many years he decied to give it to our son after our son had blown the engine . My husband favorite car has always been the ford mustang.

lakeraj persaud 6 years ago

i injoy watching your tv show and all the good thing about cars

RUSS JENSEN 6 years ago



205W8TH ST

HOBART ,IN 46342

Bob D'Amico 6 years ago

I saw the host request guesses as to the amount of holes drilled in the homemade muffler. My guess is 104. Thanks.

paulnamotka 6 years ago

i would love to win that beautiful car im driving a 2008 150cc scooter held together with krazyglue an duct tape

david anderson 5 years ago

i watch your show ever week and i love it.i have 3 kids 27,24,i have took care of them ever sence thay was 14 by myself and now i have a little girl and she is 9 i have had her by myself ever sence she was one week old thire mom is dead.i have allways put my needs last. i try to help anyone in need but me.im disable i have had 3 back surgeys. i have a 1989 chevy truck that's all i can aford i have never had a new auto i have done everthing i can to just keep it going.i have never won anything if i was to be luckey anoff to win i would feel like i won the lotery becouse i have never won anything. thank you your fan David Anderson my phone number is 828-479-6454 if i was to be lockey anoff to win

jd walker 5 years ago

i been watching you;ll on power block show for a might long time and i really like the show;s man i got 67 chevy long wheel base i put air dis brake from a 6lug to a five around but i became disable and couldn't get money to finished it but it be just my luck someone else will get the to get there truck or car work on there but look to all of you on powerblock; an horse power;4by4byand last muscle car hey thank you;ll i really in joy these show;s

ben goodwin 5 years ago

i would love to win one of my dream cars

brendablack 5 years ago

it would really be something to have the mustang

harry sutton 4 years ago

i wished

Troy R Wise 4 years ago

My son lost his Saleen, due to hard times. I sure would love ,so I could give it to him.

Luis negron 4 years ago

this is a great program i see it every saturday here in Puerto Rico.

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