Protect your Car Batteries During the Summer

Maintaining Your Car Battery When the Weather Turns Hot

With the record-breaking heat that we've been experiencing, we are all looking for ways to stay cool. It's the same with your car, especially its battery. The heat during the summer months can damage your car battery and may cause it to go dead during the winter. And because you are using your car more during the summer, it may suddenly quit on you during a long car trip.

According to Joe Finney, SVP and President of the Sears Automotive Group, "Extreme heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal structure of the battery, causing it to fail." The battery is on "life support" during the summer and go dead in the winter months, Finney continued.

Tips to Maintain Your Car Battery

If you live in the warmer regions the battery may only last two years vs five years in cooler regions. It costs the car $100 and two hours of time to replace the battery when the car dies unexpectedly and usually inconveniently according to the Sears Auto Center experts. To prevent your car battery from failing, here are some tips:

  • Get your battery tested. If your car battery is more than three years old, it's important that they are tested annually.
  • As much as possible, park your car in the shade or in the garage to protect your car battery from the heat.
  • Check your battery for any corrosive buildup from battery terminals and cable cleanup. Clean it up and tighten the clamps so that they don't move.

Treating your car with extra attention during the summer will go a long way to getting stranded in the cooler months.

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