Renault Twizy how a dream project became reality

Luciano Bove driving a Twizy
Luciano Bove driving a Twizy

Dear friends,

when I have the pleasure to be invited by Design schools to give a lecture about the Renault Twizy project I find myself always with students that ask "how did you guys really made the Twizy?"

The question is not so much related to the Twizy new Design, but rather about how could be possible to put into production a project usually developped by design students in design schools.

It is true! When I was a student I also made a sort of sustainable design project with an egg shape, and electric motor. How many of you did it , too? Or how many are today developping in school a similar project? And what happens at the end? The school project remains a school project and that is it!

Not this time at Renault,

That's why students keep asking me "how the hell did you do it?".

Renault designers' Twizy Team
Renault designers' Twizy Team | Source

To be honest I am not going to tell you right now simply because I will post in this Hub 3 videos from Youtube in which I and my boss Patrick Lecharpy explane the Twizy project to a design class at the SPD design school in Milan, italy.

In the videos you will learn how it all started and how we did to make a concept in only 8 months with a final running prototype that looks like the production model, you will see design process, design sketches, prototypes and presentations photos, and simple explanations about some important design process steps like how we organized our activity planning and how we organized a sort of short parallel and transversal team to operate and manage the project at an incredible speed compared to normal project timings.

Red Dot Design Award ceremony, Essen Germany. Luciano Bove & Patrick Lecharpy.
Red Dot Design Award ceremony, Essen Germany. Luciano Bove & Patrick Lecharpy.

Red Dot design award 2012

I am also proud to let you know that the Renault Twizy won several Awards in 2012 and the most important one has been the famous Red Dot design Award for Best EV car in Product design cathegory.

Patrick Lecharpy, VP design at R&D Renault, and myself as Design project manager we both went to Germany to receive the Award.

Congratulations to all designers, modelers, engineers, and all collegues that worked hard on this great project!

Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy

Since production started more than 12000 twizy have been sold, many countries ask for selling this EV city commuter and soon will do so (Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and some others where it is not yet possible to buy one).

In Europe several cities like Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Rome, Milan.....are realizing car sharing and city rental systems to offer the use of a Twizy for little money and promote a cleaner transportation in towns.

Infrastructures are starting seriously to be installed and soon it will not be a problem for anyone to use a Twizy.

As you know Renault is very serious about electric cars and recently in Geneva the new renault Zoe was presented as production car...lots of orders were made.

Lets hope for the looks good!

Renault ZOE EV-car on sale
Renault ZOE EV-car on sale

© 2013 Luciano Bove

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