Rinspeed Splash Concept Amphicar


Rinspeed are a Swiss outfit who specialise in concept cars and high-end show cars largely as marketing tools for other people's wares.

The Swiss engineering company Esoro were used to build the Rinspeed Splash amphicar and it is powered by a natural gas engine and the Swiss government seem to have been involved, using the project as a way to push cleaner energy.

So the amphicar seems to be literally a marketing vehicle, but it still looks immense fun for all of that.

Powered by a two-cylinder four-valve engine running on natural gas the Rinspeed Splash amphicar gives 140 bhp at 7,000 rpm with peak torque coming in at 3,500 rpm. Rinspeed are claiming around 125 mph as top speed and a 0-60 time in just under 6.0 seconds, which unless it is immensely lightweight sounds a touch optimistic to me.

Rinspeed Splash Amphicar Afloat

Rinspeed Splash amphicar afloat
Rinspeed Splash amphicar afloat

Amphicar Afloat

They do talk some rubbish in press releases. Things like: "The body of the 'Splash' is designed to be watertight." Well, gee, that'll be handy then in an amphicar. Idiots.

But enough of my grumpiness.

There is a panel at the rear which lifts to allow a Z-drive to be accessed and power can be sent to the rear wheels, the Z-drive or both according to the driver's desire.

As long as the water is 1.3 meters deep the hydrofoils can be deployed and the amphicar will plane at as little as 20 mph just two feet above the water. Top speed on the plane is about 50 mph or if it is being used as a 'normal' boat and the hydrofoils are retracted it will do only 30 mph. Although Rinspeed claim that is still fast enough for water skiing.

Rinspeed Splash Amphicar Entering The Water

Rinspeed Splash amphicar entering the water
Rinspeed Splash amphicar entering the water

Further Reading

You can check out some (or all) of the sites below for more info or other general concept car madness:

Rinspeed Splash Amphicar On Hydrofoils

Rinspeed Splash amphicar on hydrofoils
Rinspeed Splash amphicar on hydrofoils

The Rinspeed Splash Amphicar in Action

Rinspeed Splash Amphicar On The Road

Rinspeed Splash amphicar on the road
Rinspeed Splash amphicar on the road

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