Rollback Trucks and their Advantages

In many situations rollback trucks are ideally suited for transporting one's
vehicle.  In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a rollback
tow truck and it's advantages over the alternatives.

What is a Rollback Tow Truck?

Another name for this kind of tow truck is a "flatbed". It has a platform
fitted to the back of the truck, which can be moved and tilted by means of a
hydraulic motor. This allows you to place the end of the platform on the road
and simply roll the car on - usually with the aid of a winch.  It removes the
car entirely from the road surface.  None of the problems associated with
normal towing apply here. If the car is still in working order, one can simply
drive it onto the platform without the aid of a winch. Once the vehicle is
sitting on the inclined bed, which acts as a ramp, the hydraulics are operated
again to tilt the bed back to its neutral position, flat on the back of the

In many instances it is more convenient to move one's car by flatbed instead of
by driving it.  Tow trucks are often hired by individuals to move their cars
from one city to another. There may be situations when a person is out of town,
unavailable due to their job, or would like to avoid a cross-state drive.
Bestowing the responsibility of driving the car to someone else may be
undesirable, especially due to difficulties in securing insurance.
Transporting the car on the back of a truck reduces the likelihood that the car
will incur any damage.

Advantages over other Tow Trucks

The more traditional tow truck is called a "hook and chain" truck, and it is
the one that most people are familiar with.  It is a truck with a lifter on the
back, hydraulic or pneumatic, which lifts the front or rear of a car off the
ground by wrapping a hook or chain around something solid on the car's
underbelly, such as the frame or axle. With one end of the car lifted, the
truck drives and pulls the car along, which rolls on the two wheels of its
other end.  (the parking brake having been disabled).

Compared to rollback trucks, hook and chain trucks are more likely to cause
damage to the car.  Most models are not designed to have a chain wrapped around
their axle or attached to the frame, which may scratch the paint or worse.
Towing a car in this manner also requires that the driver be more careful, and
that they drive slower.  The rollback truck on the other hand can drive at
faster speeds, which makes it better suited for cross country transportation.


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