Rusty Treasure

What is Rusty Treasure?

When you hear the words "rusty treasure", many different ideas might pop in your mind. For me, I think of an old tractor rusting away in a run down fence row or a dark corner of a barn somewhere. Usually, the tractor quit or was used for the last time and abandoned in a field or beside a fence. If your an antique tractor enthusiast, these are priceless treasures just waiting to be rescued, but they are getting harder to find these days. When you run across an old tractor that the owner don't want its like opening a great big rusty Christmas present. Antique tractor collecting and restoration is a hobby that does require some skill if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person. Some of the old tractors that you end up with are a total wreck and take a lot of time to get back in show or work condition. But restoring an old tractor really gives you a good feeling, especially when you see the finished product. Every old tractor is unique, whether it is restored or not, each one is a small piece in the huge puzzle of history.

Whats the Obsession with Antique Tractors?

Some people may think that it is pointless to have an interest in antique tractors. I say its a great past-time just like having an obsession with old muscle cars. There are many stories that every person can tell about the history of their particular tractor. When you talk to tractor enthusiasts, you will usually find that tractors are kind of in their blood. Some have an old tractor that has been in their family a long time, and some have a tractor just like the one that they grew up on. My family and I have a few old tractors that we use for just about everything from plowing to pulling the kids around in a wagon. We have been to different tractor shows and even entered our old tractors in a few pulls as well. There is a lot of fun in having an interest in the tractors of the past even if you don't own one yourself. There are many different events and shows for antique tractor collectors all over the place. I was able to make it to the "Antique Power Tractor Show" a few years ago and it was a great experience. "Antique Power" is a bi-monthly magazine that is full of antique tractors and information. I thought I would see how this hub goes, and maybe in the future write more on my personal tractor experiences. I really enjoy talking and learning about old tractors. So feel free to contact me and I look forward to writing more articles on the history of tractors.


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