Deciphering SR22 Car Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, SR22 car insurance is actually not a type of car insurance. People often misuse this term to refer to a special type of form that your auto insurance provider must furnish to your local department of motor vehicles (or similar form of government entity) as proof that you have the minimal amount of liability insurance required by that state. Click here to compare quotes from California car insurance companies that furnish SR22 forms. The government requires certain people to carry ‘SR22 car insurance’ policies because of a particular circumstance that person is in. They could be any or a combination of the following:

  • The individual was involved in a serious accident and was at fault
  • The individual was charged with a serious traffic offense (such as a DUI)
  • The individual was previously unable to show financial responsibility for carrying an auto insurance policy.

The aforementioned items cover most of the reasons why an individual would need an SR22 Car Insurance policy although some states have very particular and unique reasons for requiring some individuals to have an SR22 form noted on their record.

So, how does SR22 Car Insurance affect your auto insurance coverage and premium? Typically, I believe the most common reason people need to file an SR22 is because he or she has been convicted of a DUI. In this case, when that person seeks auto insurance coverage he will be turned away by some companies and the few companies that are willing to provide insurance coverage will charge premiums that are out of this world. The reason being is that people convicted of a DUI are viewed as being the ‘highest risk’ to insure and thus insurance agencies will charge high premiums to compensate them for taking on such a risky driver.

Additionally, since other reasons for requiring SR22 forms are lack of financial responsibility and being involved in accidents where you are at fault, it appears that SR22 forms are only required for those that are higher risk drivers overall. These types of people are usually involved in one or more accidents, have traffic offenses such as speeding or DUIs, and have a lack of financial responsibility to pay for the insurance coverage. If you were the owner of an insurance corporation, would you charge these people more or less to obtain a policy from you?

So, as long as you’re willing to pay for it you can definitely obtain ‘SR22 Car Insurance’. Your insurance provider will automatically submit the form on your behalf to the DMV so no worries there. Click here to compare California car insurance quotes for insurance providers that will furnish SR22 forms on your behalf. Safe driving, and God bless you!

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