Shelby Super Snake

Shelby Super Snake

2008 Shelby Super Snake
2008 Shelby Super Snake

Shelby Super Snake = An Angry GT500

The Shelby Super Snake started production in 2008. The car starts life as a GT500 but instead of being a Ford the Shelby Super Snake ends up being titled as Shelby Automobile. Here are some facts:

  • Horsepower increase up to 725HP
  • 20 inch Alcoa Wheels
  • Custom Shelby interior pieces
  • A new fiberglass 'Ram Air' hood exclusive to the Super Snake
  • A single 'Widebody' stripe that runs down the center of the car
  • Shelby modified suspension
  • A new center cluster gauge setup that is unique to the Shelby Super Snake

The Shelby Super Snake can be considered a 'tuner' Shelby GT500. There are several more tricks and modifications that Shelby Automobiles does to the Super Snake to make it stand out over the already impressive GT500 from Ford.

The Shelby Super Snake was an expensive car, costing at least $28,000 more then the base Shelby GT500. Whether all those modifications make the car worth that much more to drive is left to the owner to decided, but long term expect the Shelby Super Snake to be the most highly sought after S197 based GT500 as far as collectors are concerned due not only to it's performance but also to its heritage and ties to Carrol Shelby himself.

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